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rocker switch needed

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Well, I think it blended nicely.   I took the switch out of that car so I could look at it and possibly incorporate a similar one in the future.  I’ll have to dig it up.  I think if it were a black rocker switch it would be very discrete.

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I took some pics of the kind of stuff I've been messing with...

Here's my thin steel adapter plate the I'm using to mount a stock shaped switch on the far right console hole. Note that for the pic, I didn't want to pull the whole console out to take out the switch, so that's why the wires are running through the adapter plate. Also note that I intend to paint the plate black, but I haven't gotten around to that yet:

And here's the switch that I'm putting in that location:

This is what my switches look like at this point:

And with the switches ON:


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The one marked "DEFOG" still controls the rear defroster. I wanted to combine the blue DEFOG indicator lamp with the switch so that would open up the spot above the switch. That way I could put the CHOKE indicator where the blue defog indicator was originally. I intend to run a carb conversion on my 77 sometime (when I finally get around to it).

And the switch on the right marked "RECIRC" controls a fresh / recirculated servo motor on my HVAC system.

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