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wheres carb line go?


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The hose in pic 1 looks to be the vacuum advance for the dizzy.

In pic 2 The three hose part is a valve for the fuel tank emissions. the hard line hooks to the rear pointed barb. 

One of the others went to a nipple on the block vent you have the blue hose on. The other barb vented to atmosphere. 

There are a number of threads on that part too. 

The blue caps on the carbs (red circle) a vents that used to go into the air box. Seeing you don't have that shown they would also vent to atmosphere.

I hope that helps. 


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thanks. much help.

To confirm in photo here, i attached a hose to where you said correct? the bottom is left open to vent? and the top connects to the some "nipple" near the blue hose? I dont see that nipple

I am wondering if this piece is even really needed/


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Yes that looks right. 

The metal tube that came from the block have had a small tube coming out. like this pic and I think it went to the one of the barbs on the fender piece.. There is a one way valve in there so the fumes go the correct way. 

(If you trust the internet pic it goes on the top) I am sure there is a diagram on the forum some where. 

Seeing you don't have the barb on the crank case exit tube, and the part is for emissions you might just bypass it's intended function and make it look hooked up. 😀




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