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Need Help Finding a Harmonic Balancer with an AC Pulley Groove or Finding a Pulley Addon for my Current Balancer


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Hello, I am in a slight pickle right now. I just ordered and received an Air Condition kit from AutoACSolutions and plan on installing the kit soon as the heat is unbearable in my car.

I am unable to find any Harmonic Balancers for sale that have an extra pulley groove for an AC belt! I checked everywhere online and even saw one on Autozone that I ordered and the ordered got cancelled as the manufacturer doesn't make it anymore.

The other option I see is potentially mounting up an addon pulley to my current balancer, I currently have the Performance Harmonic Dampener from Motorsport Auto (https://www.thezstore.com/page/TZS/PROD/classic12d02a/10-2139)

Is there maybe a way to addon another groove pulley to this? I see two open holes that can make it possible to bolt something up. Any suggestions?

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4 hours ago, ETI4K said:

I had the same problem, but also needed one that could run up to 7500 rpm.

The only one I could find was from BHJ.  Very painful decision, but after looking for more than year, I pulled the trigger. 


Yeah, I just came across that and said no way in hell am I paying that much for a dampener.


3 hours ago, zclocks said:

You might e-mail zKars and see if he has one.  I tried to find one for my 280 and couldn't so I had mine rebuilt. Not cheap , but better than no air. 


I don't have the stock one so no way I can rebuild that, I'll shoot an email to him see what he can do, thank you


2 minutes ago, S30Driver said:

I think I may have a spare 2 row oem damper.   Will have to check in garage.

If you have one in good condition you are willing to sell I am all for it.

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1 minute ago, Ownallday said:

Yeah, I just came across that and said no way in hell am I paying that much for a dampener.

That's funny.  It's exactly what I said, but with some serious extra emphasis on the no %$##ing way part. 😁

At some point you start thinking about reliability and the cost of a tow truck and the next thing you know you are ordering from BHJ. 

Go with @S30Driver
If he doesn't have what you need, I have one but will need to be rebuilt.

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If ZKar doesn't have one I have a couple of other sources that might. If you do find one I would have it rebuilt. There's a good place in nothern CA  which charges like $190 , but they do a really good job. My damper looked go after I removed ,but the rubber was cracked. On the car it was wobbling about 1/4 in. 

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Here's one... May be one of those internet scam sites, but you could try their "Contact us" and see if they can give you a picture (or if they even respond).

Datsun 240Z 260Z 280Z Engine Motor Harmonic Balancer Damper Crank Pulley OEM (xdetaxigids.com)


1972 Datsun 240z 3 Pulley Harmonic Balancer | eBay

Here's one

280z 2 groove harmonic balancer » Vintage Z Parts

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I think that the dampers are a different size and you'd need a timing marker to match but a ZX damper and pulleys might be easier to find and might be workable.

And, another vague memory, I think that some of the AC pulleys were removable.  So your thought of bolting one on should work if you can find one and the holes are there.

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Here's a recent post about the Z and ZX damper pulleys.  Never thought about it until now but if the pulley is bigger it will raise the alternator speed, helping the low voltage at idle problem that a lot of Z's have.  Maybe everyone should switch to a ZX pulley.


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I was tearing the garage apart looking for some lost parts I had put in a "safe place" this morning, came across this boat anchor and thought of your post. Some of the valleys are rough and I don't know the history of the part, but I wont be putting AC on my car so PM me if needed.





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