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  1. Unicorn Z

    Mystery Markings

    Gentlemans, This spring, in the name of citizen science, I've taken to trying different methods of cleaning spare parts that I've accumulated. These experiments have revealed some odd numerical stampings on a spare block, head and cam that I never noticed before (given that they were covered in crud before.) Admittedly I have not torn down many motors in my lifetime. But I am genuinely curious and my searches haven't revealed much. My best guesses are that the block was marked by a machine shop who had shaved off a .003", and perhaps, in an effort not to mix up customers components, stamped the cam and tower with the same numbers so that the re-assembler had a fighting chance?...they seemed too sloppy to be cam grinds... P79 head (unknown year), F54 block (also unknown year) BP
  2. Unicorn Z

    Facebook vs Forums

    Thanks Site, thanks Jeff. Here's to the future.
  3. Unicorn Z

    Facebook vs Forums

    Hey Guys, this is definitely not the first topic I thought I'd be commenting on here. But, for what it's worth, a very big reason behind my Datsun ownership was that I wanted to push myself to do things that are out of my comfort zone (like, you know...talk to people.) That being said and given my age bracket, Facebook should have been a natural fit, but it's not. Other than having a couple knowledgeable friends over to the house, this site can't be beat. Happy Holidays, very thankful you all are out there.
  4. Unicorn Z

    Unicorn Z


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