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Wiper Mechanical Failure


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Recently, I have noticed a decline in the movement of my passenger side windshield wiper.  I had time to investigate it today, and found the source of the problem.  The passenger pivot arm that connects to the linkage was slipping and not allowing the wiper to sweep more than a few degrees.  After getting access and removing the pivot assembly, I discovered the two welds that connect the shaft to the pivot arm were broken.  There is also a spline on that end of the shaft, but had worn, probably sometime after the welds failed allowing the shaft to slip.

Cleaned it all up, welded the shaft / arm, lubed and cleaned up both driver & passenger sides, the entire mechanism,  all is well in the wipe world again.   😊

Wiper 1.jpg

Before repair of the 2 welds seen below

Wiper 2.jpg

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29 minutes ago, siteunseen said:

My older sister got me to eat a brown colored Crayon, said it was chocolate. I hadn't had a good clean wipe since 1973. 


Too bad she didn't follow that with an eraser and tell you it was bubble gum.  Could have solved a lot of cleaning problems. 😎

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