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So I had an old Schumacher battery charger. It was in a black metal case, switches, analog meter. Probably 25 years old. It always worked great. Then the automatic shut off quit working. So it would overcharge batteries if you didn't babysit it. So I bought a new Schumacher. It had some nice features like desulfating and such but at 13 months its completely dead. 1 month out of warranty!!

So I have been shopping for a good charger. I deal with a lot of flat batteries.  I would prefer 6v and 12v charging, man & auto and a booster setting. I am willing to invest in a quality charger but I expect it to last a long time!

Any suggestions??


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Thanks Zed

Im probably looking for a charger more like a shop would use


I looked at a bunch like these. One thing that throws me off is the 10% one star reviews. The Schumacher has similar reviews but I went ahead and now I would be a one star review too.

All these new chargers are so lightweight. My old one is a brick. Is it antiquated to expect a good charger to have some heft?

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1 hour ago, Patcon said:

All these new chargers are so lightweight. My old one is a brick. Is it antiquated to expect a good charger to have some heft?

What the old chargers did with a lot of copper and iron (in the form of a transformer), the new ones do with semiconductors. And in today's age, silicon is a lot cheaper than copper. So the bottom line is that most of the new chargers now have silicon components where the old transformers used to be.

The way of the world. Lightweight silicon and software instead of heavy copper and capacitors.

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They all say "digital chargers" now? When I worked with my Dad hauling cars back and forth to the big auctions we always had to use a jump box to hook up temporarily to get the car out and on the trailer. Then he had one of those big boys that roll around, Die Hard.

$149 at amazon.com. good reviews too.


Here's the jump box same story as above, good.


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Says Johnson Controls sold to Clarios LLC in 2019 when Sears went down. When I googled who makes Schumacher chargers it says Schumacher Electric.    https://www.batterychargers.com/ 


I can't find anything saying for sure but who knows? Warren Buffet owns everything anyway. LOL

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5 hours ago, Patcon said:

One of the reviews who had the diehard called Customer service. It went to Schumacher...

It's on the internet, so it must be true! 😉

Well, well well. Lookie here right on top of the Die Hard is the website for Schumacher under "patents".





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