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I got the scales out before taking the 510 off the rotisserie, front weighed in at 295lbs, the rear at 293lbs equaling 588lbs, minus both of the stripped doors at 40lbs a piece and 32lbs for the rotisserie mounts. So total stripped weight for a 73/2dr 510 comes out at 476lbs.


IMG_1108 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1107 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1109 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1110 (1024x768).jpg

IMG_1111 (1024x768).jpg

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7 hours ago, Reptoid Overlords said:

Right.   At any rate they are pretty light, maybe 350lbs?  Do you have a target weight you hope to achieve?  Or just a light as possible while still retaining all items to keep it a livable road car? 

I will have the KA engine on the hoist in a few days and will post a definitive weight then, but yes not much heavier than the original engine with an additional 65hp.  I don't have a target weight, it's not going to be a track car and I will be adding some sound/ heat baffling and comfortable seats. The battery is being repositioned to the P/S trunk to help even out the load. 

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6 hours ago, Namerow said:

I can't recall:  Did you do similar weight measurements for the 240Z?  If so, what were the front and rear weights?  And engine (or engine + transmission)?

I didn't own a scale when I did the 240 but I weighted the 280 a couple of years ago and the stripped shell was 530lbs so the 240 is probably close to 500lbs.  A bare bones L28 engine is 304lbs and with the 5speed attached they weigh in at 435lb.






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