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window molding paint damage


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I know here I go again - worrying about chipping paint.  I am in the process of putting a door back on our project.  The door is mounted and I just  finished installing the window regulator and glass.  Across the top of the door there is a piece of molding, chrome on one side fuzzy on the side facing the glass.  It is press fitted onto the door edge.  Is there some method of protecting the paint while installing the molding?  Would applying tape to the edge before fitting the molding over it help?  Is there a special tool to spread the molding while applying it to the door?

Thanks in advance.

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In the past, I've used silicone-based caulk.  I would smoodge it up into the underside of the moulding so when I pressed the moulding onto door edge, the caulk would seal the scratched paint.  It worked well while I had the cars,  though I was always skeptical as to its long-term efficacy.

Alternatively, you could use an adhesive only to hold the moulding in place.   That also has its drawbacks - as do all "solutions ".

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Thought I’d give you more paint chip anxiety

Have you put the drip rail above the door openings back on yet? Maybe it wasn’t taken off for paint. 

If there is more than a thin amount of paint on the lip that the drip rail sits on, you will making gouges and chips when you pound that drip rail over that lip to put it back on. Just do it.

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ET14k - thanks - I'm still in the denial phase where I am hoping without reason that there is someway to prevent the scratch.

zkars - like I dont have enough anxiety in my life - right?  Having said that - I have thought about the drip rail and the fear of taking a rubber mallet to my paint caused me to work on other parts of the project until I uncovered a solution to the cracking paint syndrome.  I thought I was in safe territory until I realized that I had to install the rubber window roller which is pinched on to the same door edge and then I figured out that heaven has given me two chances to chip the paint in that spot, once for the roller and then again when I pound the molding on top of it.

So how do these guys with the $50k paint jobs do this?  There must be someone out there that has conquered this medieval process, OR is this the step just before they put the car up on BAT?  Imagine that all these $100k cars with chipped paint lurking under their chrome trim.  Next time I buy a car guess where I am going to look, and if there is no cracks then I am going to finally find out how to put the trim back.

If I figure out anything remotely promising I will be sure to let you know.

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