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For example, for people that follow sports, an informative post.  Here's a normal healthy family man who got COVID last year.  Said he was fully recovered but now he's taking time off from work as an ESPN analyst.  Just some real world looks at people you might recognize from TV, that might be like typical CZCC members.

Hopefully he does well with whatever is wrong with him. 



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You need information in order to form that belief. Get your info from a source at the top of the curve, not down in the fake news weeds on the sides.
Here's the top tier:

You know, in the news outlets there are shades of truth like shades of grey!

I used to read the FT (at the top of the curve) daily but recently cancelled my subscription. Why? Because I saw the most intelligently well thought out, biased and disingenuous reporting of a case I was very close to. They blatantly twisted / misrepresented facts in isolation to build a story and to suit their narrative; and in the process assassinated the character of someone I know personally. Fortunately he was strung up into a public hearing and got the opportunity to set the record straight on TV.

The FT reporting made me realise just how so called respected media can also misrepresent facts to play out their own exciting / crowd pleasing stories as distinct from the boring truth that doesn’t sell papers / subs in quite the same way.

So where does that leave us? Well I think one should read many sources (as you say reliable ones) and use one’s own logic, intellect and common sense to decipher facts from sensationalism, politics, personal / corporate agendas etc.

Coming off soap box now - mic drop!
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I was just giving a recount of my experience, not saying I gave her a ration of crap about it. Cruel seems a bit over the top.
Since I'm on airliners every other week, it also threw me for a loop when a woman boarding an airplane said I was too close to her. I mentioned that we will be sitting within inches of each other for the next 3 hours, and she replied "yeah I know, but you're still to close". There's no reasoning with this type of attitude. Seeing societal evolution take many steps back is unsettling. Again, I was just giving recount, no slight against her, just odd.

This is interesting because after 18 months of not getting close to anyone I feel awkward when people start bumping into me at queues etc. Also some of the kids at my children’s school have developed anxieties about being among large crowds! Amazing how plastic the mind can be, but conversely, it can change back the same way. It is funny though how she couldn’t see the logic of sitting next to someone they are queuing with! :p

As for the changing of minds comment above, again there is a spectrum. People generally look for facts to reenforce their opinions and ignore those that challenge or contradict them. Then throw in some “alternative facts” (thank you Kellyanne for that phrase) on both sides of the extreme and people point only to those to say “See!? I told you!”

Then there is the utterly off the wall behaviours / beliefs that can’t but leave you wondering ....


The anti-vax movement haven’t helped themselves with some illogical arguments and equally nor have some officials like Fauci who flip flopped on masks at the outset. But then nothing is black and white and when you are exploring / discovering new something you have to change your thinking whichever side you sit on. I always enjoy a good debate as I like to see alternative views to mine but more often on social media people just start name calling and get more entrenched.

Sure we’re all here for Z cars but I’m glad this thread exists as it’s topical and it’s always nice to get to know the minds of the people we interact with and how they think outside of cars: ergo the Saturday night music or the meme threads etc. The boobs thread is definitely not my cup of tea, but it’s easy to ignore it as suggested above and choose not to take offence - now I am wondering when the “original hunks” or “original six packs” thread is being launched!?
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Here's one of those human interest stories.  Local, I've been through all of the towns mentioned.  52 is not that old.  All from the same family, some made it, some didn't.


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This is a weird one.  I've watched a few of this guys videos, he's mechanic who has good "content".  He works in Florida and got COVID-19.

Here's the one where he says he was feeling under the weather, about 2:20.

Then this one right after.  Never said if he got vaccinated.  He's a Youtuber so he's planning to keep people updated.  Real world stuff.


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I did not realize that Alaska was having such a hard time.  If you've watched Gold Rush you saw people quarantining and doing the things necessary to avoid spreading the disease. Looked like they had things under control.  In the beginning anyway.  It's still out there.




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The USA was/is planning to open borders to international travelers.  I wonder if that will still happen as planned.  Things are getting bad again over in Europe.





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