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New Source for Wiper Linkage. Speed up those wipers!


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i took some pictures of a real S30 linkage and there are significant differences I think. I can’t seem to add pictures today for some reason, but I have doubts the Suzuki linkage is a bolt in.

The most problematic issue is the angle of the wiper pivots at they pass through the triangular mounting plate. Hard to tell from the Dorman images, but their wiper pivots seems to be more or less 90 deg to the mounting plate, where both S30 pivots are definitely not 90, and they are each different. The little crank arm on the end that connects the free mounting plate is straight on the S30, but is clearly a Z bar shape on the Suzuki part.

My hopes are sinking the more I look. Maybe there are useable components to use, but as a total bolt in replacement, I’m doubtful. I’m not tossing my selection of stock linkages just yet.

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I received the wiper linkage today. I lined it up against my 260Z. The Suzuki linkage is not nearly as wide as the Z car linkage.

At best, it could MAYBE be a source for parts, but I'm not even sure about that. I didn't test fit a blade on it. I'm just going to see if I can return it.


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