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L28 from 82 ZX teardown

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So, I got a call from the machine shop about my engine and it appears there is a problem with the head,  The mechanic said one of the valve seats was protruding into the chamber by about .1000”.  Said the head had been worked at some point in its life and someone did a “hack job” putting in this new valve seat.  He said the can replace it and recommend doing all of them and then they would grind the valves also.  So they want an extra $240 to do this over the $220 I was already going to pay,  My question to the crowd should I proceed and allow them to do this work or abort and find a different head.  The guy doing the work said he rebuilt a L28 last year and they can do the work, 

I really don't know much about this topic and only have read in the Nissan engine rebuild book by Tom Monroe that replacing valve seats is strictly the professional machinist.  I really don't know much about this shops specific reputation or how much they really know about these Nissan engines,   “The Captain” fielded an emergency call from me today to help me understand what the machinist was saying and called him back to verify it.  Much appreciated CO!  

I might drive to the shop tomorrow to get pics.  



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Captain, I’m going to look today and see if there is any marks like that on mine. I thought I took a close look already for witness marks but now I know exactly what to look for, thanks.
BTW, I grabbed a non-EGR head from one of the 75s in that yard. They only wanted $40 (that’s for the intake, heat shields, throttle body, injectors and all sensors on the head) so I figured why not grab it. Haven’t decided if I’ll use this or the ZX intake. 45233285c16c11ca3623145d880e193b.jpg&key=12ca56d8e6c34afbe9a0682cd81abfab60ddf82a84fa901d864b1e85646be43a
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Those clean up real nice....

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