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Parts for Sale: 240z Suspension, seats, etc.

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240z Suspension, seats, etc.

I have some random 240z parts just taking space in my garage, pm me if interested.

  • Front suspension arms, great condition, Moog ball joints and poly bushings with around 5000 miles -  $140
  • Rear suspension arms, great condition, outer poly bushings with around 5000 miles, includes original bolt in usable condition with tapered bolt - $120
  • Seats - $100 for the pair
  • Fuel rail, insulated and in great shape - $150
  • Stock spare, old not great condition - no idea
  • Crank scraper (up stroke only) $50 I have 2x
  • 240z block - $25
  • 280z pistons and rods $100
  • 280z crank (needs to be ground, but believed to be structurally good) $50 
  • 240z cam oiler (rear shaft is loose and would need to be repaired) $25
  • 280z pistons $50
  • 240z valves, valve springs, and the spacer at the top (can't remember the name, but they are the originals that are bored to fit the valve stem and retainer) $75
  • 260z (later) strut housings front and rear $500 firm on price, I was keeping them to do coil overs off of the car, but would sell if the price is right
  • 1x 280z hub $40
  • 1x 240z hub $40
  • Rear stub shafts $100
  • Rear brake backing plates... no drums $75
  • Partial oil pan (piece cut out for extended oil pan - could be used with some sheet metal to make another extra capacity oil pan) - $20

All prices are OBO and don't include shipping, happy to provide pics, let me know what you want pics of and I will post/send. Also would be willing to trade for a 240z roof (without a sunroof), dash cap, rocker panels(outside), vintage wood steering wheel (14"), crappy stock steering wheel that I can make into a 14" wheel without feeling bad about it. All parts are in the Salt Lake City area in Utah.




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