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the 240JZ is here!


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Finally my 71 240z with a 1JZ-GTE engine has arrived (the one from the zoom articles), its been a long time coming!

Had a long (for the UK) drive home and it ran great, although as I didn't have plates on it, I had to be very careful. Just as I was about 2 miles from home however, I saw the dreaded flashing lights behind me, and was pulled over by the police. turns out my rear lights weren't working! I was expecting a big grilling about why no plates etc. and expected to have to get all the docs out about the car, but the policeman was more interested in the car itself, ha! he even said 'how fast will it go? - actually don't answer that!' ha! he then even gave me an escort home. Not often you'd get that!

Unfortunately as I drove on even more electricals started to glitch, wipers stopped working, headlights worked intermitently.. hope its not time for a new fusebox, haven't had a chance to inspect it yet. Anyone know of a good fusebox for HS30-00829 71 Z in the UK?????

Next step is the MOT, and the registration. Cross my fingers time again! If anyone can help me with the details for the registration (V55/5) such as length, width, mass (?) could you please contact me... it'd be a real help.

many thanks in advance. I'll take some pics and get them up soon!

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Overall length 4,136mm (162.8in)

Overall Width 1,630mm, (64.2in)

Overall Heght 1,268mm (50.5in)

Wheelbase 2,305mm (90.7in)

Tread front 1,356mm (53.3in)

Tread Rear 1,347mm (53.0in)

Min road clearence 164mm (6.5in)

Seating capacity 2 persons

They are the figures from the factory parts catalog, can't find the weight, but people had it aroudn here before.

Cheers Chris

Just found it, weight between 1044kg (2300lb) and 1025kg (2260lk) depending on where you get it from.

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Well done. Good to hear it made it OK.

Usually find that Police are pretty good as long as you make it look like you're trying to do the right thing.


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Will borrow a digital camera hopefully this weekend and take some pics, after I've given it a good clean - its filthy after being in the container!

Not much more has been done since the articles An R200 LSD has been fitted, which I'm sure will help, and also some more tuning has been done. It now gets 200kw at the wheels at 11psi don't know what the 15psi figure would be! (not that i'll have the boost there for long, unless I want to kill the turbos)

Wish I had the zoom articles, Ben (previous owner) photocopied them for me, but if anyone has the issue numbers I'd like to get hold of them and see if I can find some originals.

Can't wait to get it registered and get to drive it 'properly' !

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I think I have one of the mags lying around somewhere, and the second hand bookshop near me has a few zoom mags, let me know the issue numbers and I will do some fishing in my spare time.


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