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  1. The inside of the cam covers on my Westfield are powder coated and it has never caused a problem. They have been like that for five years and the powder coat is still there, good as new (The car has only done 6000km in that time so it hasn't had an exhaustive test though).
  2. I might have one off a 260. I'll let you know tomorrow.
  3. Are those wheels the new eight spoke superlites? They look good...
  4. Thanks for sharing Seriously, that's good advice. When I was studying materials chem at uni we learned about sensitisers, which are things that your body will cope with up to a point, before developing an allergic reaction. IIRC paint thinners was a known sensitiser.
  5. Stick an 5 or 6mm allan key in one of the bellhousing bolt holes and spin it clockwise until it hits the ring gear. Locks it up nicely.
  6. Don't worry, I just knocked on a bit of wood Good luck with the sale
  7. Dude, you sure you want to let them go? They could come in really handy if some goose runs into the back of you. My 260 is insured but I still had to help the panel beater find parts for it when somebody ran up the back of me... They don't take up much room either. Just tell "motheral" that they are part of a uni assignment on light diffraction :nervous:
  8. That sounds like a great deal, Why are you selling them? You're still building a GTR replica aren't you? Just curious...
  9. Thanks G260. Another handy contact. He can get new ones. Apparently they are still available from Nissan if you know the right people. $240 each but.
  10. Hello all, I need two inner tie rod ends (the ones that go inside the steering rack) for a 75 260Z. Nissan don't list them any more, neither does my regular parts shop. Does anybody know where I can get these? Preferably in Australia, but will order from US if I have to. Thanks
  11. I know this sounds dumb, but have you undone the centre bolt? It's just that, from the photos, it looks like it might be still there. Other than that, the only think I could suggest is a good soaking with WD40, and put some grease on the thread of the puller. You could try some gentle heat (like from a heat gun), but only as a very last resort 'cause you don;t want to melt the rubber in the balancer Good luck
  12. Never got them here in Australia, but I have seen one that was bought cheap from an importer.
  13. I have a car just like this only without rust in my backyard. I can guarantee that it would be cheaper to buy mine and ship it to the US than it would be to restore that thing
  14. A funny thing happened to me at a rally on the weekend that made me remember this thread... Here's what happened: I was navigating in a pretty competitive Ford Escort. We bent the LH steering arm on the first stage, did the second stage with wonky steering and went into the service park to fix it. We tried to adjust the wheel alignment around the bent arm but discovered there wasn't enough thread on the tie rods so we had to change it. Due to some confusion and stress, we didn't realise we only had a spare for the RH side until the LH side was removed. At about this time, Gemma, a friend of mine, noticed that the Escort was supported on stands but the LH front wheel was sitting next to the car, instead of underneath it, so if the car fell off the stands it would not have stopped until it hit the ground. So she put the wheel under the car. About thirty seconds later, I was under the car trying to figure out how to fit a RH steering arm to a LH strut (with no success at all), when the jack stands sunk into the ground and tipped over. I heard somebody shout "OOOHHHH" just before I saw the car drop and felt my head starting to be squashed between the radiator support panel of the Escort and the dirt with the amount of pressure you would expect from the weight of a car. It stopped squashing when it hit the wheel that Gemma put under the car moments before, which left just enough room for my head to be well and truly clamped down, but not squished. About a tenth of a second later, a crowd of people lifted the car off me and I crawled out with nothing more than a few cuts and bruises, a headache, and a whole new attitude about jack stands and soft ground.
  15. If I were you I would a: return to the shop and very politely ask them to fix the car the way you wanted it done. You are likely to get a lukewarm reception, however if you can explain to them that you don't want to cause trouble, you just want your car the way you said you wanted it, you may have some luck. This approach has worked for me once. If the above fails; * get a quote from a body shop to get the hole repaired * get a quote from another speed shop to get the press bends replaced with mandrels and the radiator hose replaced with silicon, and for the BOV to be moved. * Find the government department that deals with shonky traders (we call them consumer affairs down here), and see if they will take up your cause for you. Good luck
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