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  1. I totally understand what you are saying Alan, but the timeattack would bring the car to a greater audience (be that a good thing or bad), people who THINK they know their skylines...
  2. how about the timeattack www.timeattack.co.uk obviously very similar to the Japanese one, a non contact flying lap, round silverstone, no stringent rules for modification, and they are crying out for cars like these, they are even twisting my arm to enter..
  3. Congrats Alan, the car looks amazing! I take it it isn't road legal, so will you be taking it to any events? can't wait to see it. will you be doing some track days, or even timeattack uk? would be incredible to see it flying around silverstone.
  4. as far as I know the spoiler is available from: www.djroadandrace.com
  5. sorry to go slightly off-topic here, but talking of Aussie mags, I'm still looking for the Zoom magazines that featured my car, I'vehad a couple of people saying that they would sell them, but no-one has come through as yet. I'll start a new post for it if I can figure out what section it fits best!
  6. A tip to get as much old oil out as possible is do jack the front of the car up - worked for me. I also used a hand held oil pump to actually get the oil back in the filler though, I found it quite tricky without.
  7. great photos Alan, love the illustration too, i'm guessing it was originally in colour - would love to get a copy!
  8. I ended up getting the Kumho V70A faced with the choice, although mine will do some road miles.. The price of £60 each helped me make my decision too as they were on 'special' afterwards I saw this which made me feel I made the right decision too! http://www.kumho-euro.com/news/MS_news050202.html
  9. my favourite too, now if the wheels were gunmetal/dark grey - it would be perfect!
  10. absolutely brilliant, priceless footage - thanks Kats!
  11. I think my ears are burning! I own the 1jz engined car, which was part of a set of Zoom articles in OZ. BLKMGK has a set of scans of the original articles at http://www.blkmgk.com/Development/TestWEB.nsf It has also been in a couple of articles here in the UK (and even a calender) which I have scans of if anyone is brave enough to host them! I think the car is great, everything I hoped it would be. I've also been on a few trackdays to make the most out of it. I had it tuned to make 328 bhp at the hubs at 14 psi, and could take it further if I ever felt the need to. see the thor racing dynopack dyno plot in my gallery If you have any specific questions - just ask!
  12. of course there are also minilite copies such as superlite, I was half tempted to go for their charcoal versions, but I think I'll hold on for some real Watanabe wheels http://www.superlite-wheels.com/
  13. cheers, Alan. I have contined the discussion about your replica in your gallery so not to hijack the thread!
  14. philUK


    Alan, you said you hand painted 2-pack on inside of the wings etc, did you use anything alse to harden it against stonechips? I think I would be worried about my first drive over a 'classic' british road pebble dashing my new paint!
  15. Alan, must add my thanks too! absolutely brilliant pics. Have fuelled my desire for the bolt-on over fenders... Also hadn't noticed your developments on the 432-R until now, must say it looks as though it is coming on a treat, I also love the colour, VERY good choice. Was the majority of the paint job done at fourways?
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