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350Z, incorrect name?


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Shouldn't the new "350Z" be called the "350ZX"?

I base this on the fact that Nissan called the "280ZX" a "ZX" because it used a different body design to the privious models. And if im not mistaken the "350Z" looks conpletely different to the "300ZX". If no-one can answer this question, can you please tell me the Nissan Australia/Japan e-mail?

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There's another perspective without the oppressing negativism. Nissan was trying to get back to where they were with the 240z? They purposely dropped the X to because they knew it confused the casual consumer and irritated the purist.

Face it, people: Times change. Attidudes change. Products have to change.

steve(not gigantically in love with them, not going to own one, but welcome them into the family and not going to rail at them at every opportunity)77

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Let's face it you can't drive a 240z everyday. I mean I do but to be completely honest I'd prefer to drive a car like a 350z on a daily basis. Fuel injection , power steering , air con and all the other nicities make it a daily car. Not the race car the 240z is. I luv my 240z I'd rather own it over a Porsche of the same Era even if I had a choice I'd go a Z everytime. In fact I like them so much it's probably the only car that I'd pick under the $250,000 mark :classic: . You might think I'm nuts crazy or stupid but the Z is so versatile and modern in many ways. It's got the timeless shape and all.

Anyway my point is the 350z is a good performer and it's got all the items neccessary to make it a good seller. You can drive it daily and it has some of the styling cues of the early car. Oh and it looks less like a boat than the ZX's did.

Just my opinion,

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Yeah TKR is probably right it's all just marketing hype.

Even though I drove a 240z on a daily basis I still wouldn't go as far to say i would prefer to drive a 350z.

If i bought a new car right now for 30,000

it would be a 350z.

Then again an air conditioned 240z and what z i could buy for 30,000.....but then I still have a 30yr old car... i don't know,... i don't have 30,000 so why dwell on it.

I still like the 350Z and I would probably buy one too just because they are probably good cars.

I know the ZX and 350Z wasn't all that bad in a way it just had to folllow the $$$ and customer focus.

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Performance per dollar (US) it's as good or better than anything else out there.

What's wrong with the styling? Last time I checked my calendar, it said 2003.

Look at everything else on the road. Considering the value, I'd take it in a heartbeat over any other car with no (or useless) backseats. Mustang, Firebird/Camaro, Thunderbird, Miata, Honda S2000, Vette, etc, etc.

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Those back seat aren't totally useless.

You can use them to convince the missus that the car can seat a family of four - not that comfortable though.:classic:

The only way that I could buy the Zed was to get rid of my bike and convince the missus that a bike has two seats and so does the Zed - equal equation

BTW Mike Gholson - be careful:finger: not to anger the Nissan executives with a name like the Nissan Bob. Remember they did release a car called the Nissan Cedric:stupid:

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