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  1. Thanks for the replies. I'll check the Portland people out. Maybe call them and see if they're up to the task. Tucson, where I live, doesn't have much available. Vic.
  2. Is there a vendor who can rebuild a 1973 240z Tachometer. Not someone who just substitutes a junkyard unit, but actually can go through the circuit board and the mechanical and repair. I vaguely remember there used to be some guy, I think from around the San Diego area(maybe not), that said he repaired all Z gages. Anyway, any suggestions are welcome. Victor.
  3. tanny


    I've often wondered if parking my cars well away from other cars(at the extreme outer limits of a parking lot) might actually invite morons to do damage because it probably makes my cars more noticeable. Haven't had anyone key my Z yet, but I did have a shopping cart put a $400 dent in my one month old 2006 Civic(I parked at the bottom of a slanted parking lot, allowing the shopping cart to gain enough speed to do the damage. Live and learn). About the only consolation after getting your car keyed is knowing that the freak who did it is stewing in his own resentment of people owning somethi
  4. Addition to my previous message: ps The tiger sounds must be from putting ESSO gasoline in your tank. "Put a tiger in your tank". That may date me a bit.
  5. Thanks for all the guesses. The sound definitely is not present when the car is stationary. If it were something hanging up on the brakes, you would think it would change tone or even stop when I apply the brakes. The sound really does sound like it's comming from the front wheel well. No mods have been done to the car(other than the bushings, and I did use the included grease when I installed them), so I don't think the noise is being caused any change in suspension or aerodynamics, unless maybe some rust has sneaked in and caused a whistling hole somewhere. I've been eating mild foods l
  6. My 1973 Z has developed a high pitched bird like chirping that speeds up and slows down with the vehicle's speed. It sounds like it is coming from the front, passenger side area. The sound is not influenced by engine RPM(when engine is gunned in neutral while driving at speed or sitting stationary). Applying the brakes(either the brake pedal or the emergency brake) does not change the sound. Driving in a tight circle in either direction has no effect on the sound. The pads and shoes have plenty of meat left. Closing or opening the air vents has no effect on the sound. The heater fan has
  7. I hooked my triple webers directly from the mechanical fuel pump(which is supplied by the original electric pump on my 73). Originally I installed the pressure regulator between the mechanical pump and the carbs, but then I tried eliminating the regulator and hooked into the original fuel return line, and didn't have any problems supplying enough fuel to the carbs(although I don't have a cam, so possibly if I had a high performance cam I might have needed more pressure than the gas return line alone would allow). I also insulated all the fuel lines around the engine compartment and fabricate
  8. 57 and contemplating selling the Z to pay my $450/month individual health insurance premiums. That may keep me alive for another year. Love the US healthcare system:tapemouth
  9. If there is not enough weight on the tongue, you will lose steering control. Really critical to have enough weight on the tongue so that there is never any lift on the rear of the car. My mother rolled a brand new Chrysler Imperial(with myself and a friend as passengers) on an LA freeway because the trailer we were towing had been loaded so that there was almost no weight on the tongue, and she lost all steering control as we headed downhill and started to brake. With the Z being so light weight, it wouldn't take too much to create an unsafe steering problem. That, and the flimsy mounting
  10. That's what I tell all the women.:laugh:
  11. Anyone know of a good Z mechanic in Tucson AZ capable of working on SUs to try and pass emissions? Thanks, Victor.
  12. 2006 Civic sedan, automatic. Fairly ugly generic car, but I actually get a hair over 40 mpg consistently(no fudging) on freeway driving with the AC on. Didn't really expect that good of mileage. Kinda rough and noisy ride(not nearly as plush a ride as my 1992 F150 had). Was able to fit 25 ten foot lengths of 3/4 inch pvc pipe and a few 8' studs inside the car with the trunk closed, so it is more useful than I anticipated. Has lots of goodies in it but it amazes me that it has no glove compartment light. How primitive! May be getting a 1974 Mazda PU in the near future. Victor.
  13. tanny

    Smog test

    Darrel, I moved to Tucson a couple months ago due to divorce, health, and both kids are in college now, so I headed for warmer parts. Don't know anyone here but am actually enjoying being by myself and pursuing my own projects for once. Finishing things on the Z that I had put off for quite awhile. Thanks for the info, Victor.
  14. tanny

    Smog test

    I'll do what I can with the roundtops. Maybe I can find a mechanic here in Tucson who is familiar with getting cars to pass the smog test. At least find someone with an exhaust analyzer and see if we can mess with the carbs and timing and get it to pass. What a pain. Thanks, Victor.
  15. That was a shocker. He helped me quite a bit with my Z over the years and I am really grateful. Good luck man. Victor.
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