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Energy Suspension

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I don't know what happened there. I opened a new thread rather than a reply.

I costed the noltec's and they worked out at about $50 dearer for their 'set' which did not inlude some of the items that Energy Suspension provided. As far as the shocks went I could find inferior shocks slightly cheaper or around the same price (KYB's and Bilsteins) or Konis which were much dearer. Given the good raps that our US colleagues have given to the Tokico's and the favourable exchange rate I thought I'd give them a go and I am very pleased with them.

Prior to the install I was very nervous about going over 80kph, it felt like a space shuttle on re-entry. Now there is a real firm ride although I still haven't cranked it up because we have had solid rain since I picked the car up.

Go for it, you won't regret it.

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