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  1. There is a a series of corners at wakefield park in goulburn, which makes you(forces you almost) do a scandinavian flick if you aren't smooth with your inputs. there is a longish left hander quickly followed by 2 closely connected sharp right handers. Ive found in my 240, that even the merest enthusiasm on turn in or under brakes can see the tail step out like a valentino rossi braking pass which can be gathered up fairly easily. The few times I have gone for the bigger directional changes have resulted in the car pretty much on full opposite lock through the two right handers- combined with
  2. http://forums.hybridz.org/showthread.php?t=106354 have a read of this entire thread. Good info Bilstein P30-0032 with the different gland nuts for the 240z struts (forgot part number). Whilst they are inserts, it's not a plug and play proposition.
  3. Didnt see these last few posts until now sorry. Nigel- I used vw golf bilstein sport struts. The shocks themselves are very cheap in america- I forgot exactly how much, but it was less than 500 AUS for all 4- bought from shox.com. Shox will also be able to revalve the shocks to what you want for a bit extra before shipping them to you. I picked them up personally- had them revalved for my purposes at heasmans in Sydney- and then modified my existing cut down struts with ground control components. so i guess the answers to your question are- shox.com and ground control. Misc fabrication of str
  4. have been to a few more track days since I last posted. The most recent one on labour day, was on a 30 degree day. Car ran without missing a beat 6 laps at a time [have since got a proper oil catch can and radiator overflow tank]. My gearbox did however decide to pack it in after 1 lap, I lost 2nd gear at high speed. It was never the tightest box, and an opportunity arose to purchase a rare Option4 rally comp box from SWR. Like a desperate crack addict I made the foolish decision to purchase it. The box will be going into the car in 2 weeks time, once stewart wilkins finishes putting it back
  5. Cheers for the comments! Had a great day. The super high res shots came from a spectator on the day. I have some 7mb photos of the sliding z ones, but they would probably take up the whole screen!
  6. <-this dude was also bloody quick. <-- thats me in the far off distance at the hairpin facing the wrong way after spinning, stalling, then flooding the carbs, then watching my oil temp rise. cheers, would be great to have some company next time!
  7. Went to an open practice day with the wuzza a few weeks ago. Just some pics from the day: The car in its current setup is great fun to drive. As it stands, even on street tyres/no lsd it has admirable traction out of corners [ignore the first few pics, that was on corner entry!]. The tail does like to come out a bit if you turn in too jovially, but in general the car is relatively neutral. The suspension consists of custom valved bilstein struts ( digressive front, linear rear) with shortened struts and coilovers. Wilwood front brakes, sigma rears. It's not as quick down the straight as most o
  8. I know it is short notice, but I will be heading down to Wakefield again this sunday for an open practice day. Forecast is frosty to sunny, so temps should be nice and chilly. They don't often have practice days on the weekend so it should be a good day out! rough costs off the top of my head are: 100 for the day 40 for a license if you dont have a cams one already and you need a helmet and long sleeved clothing
  9. it's the skyline of love baby¬ nice one! That's gotta make your day... now go and sue their arse. *the english actually sounds like it's pulled from a forum post as well.
  10. Made it back in one piece. Car handled fantastically on track for what was basically an untested setup. I was expecting some degree of understeer and possible guard rubbing issues. Even on street tyres had brilliant grip (similar level to when i've used semi slicks on econoboxes). Neutral to slight oversteering nature, very controllable. Very good turn in and good traction out of exits. Thankfully didn't bin it into the sandpits otherwise would have torn off the front spoiler or exhaust. Had a few problems with oil catchtanks, and radiator overflow bottles or the lack thereof. But after raidin
  11. I did indeed end up cutting/rewelding the guards and got the front's rolled. I might need to do it again if I decide to run the car a bit lower, but we'll see how the car handles tomorrow at the current height. No idea who owned the 2j-Z, but it looked like it had a fair bit of money in it. Custom rear end, weld in tower to tower cage, spare tyre well was cut out(fuel cell?), big turbo and programmable ECU on the engine. It's a bloody beast.
  12. Quick update. Since I last posted, car has undergone a few changes. I travel to america semi regularly and managed to haul back a bunch of goodies on my last visit: * bilstein sport shocks- digressive valving front, linear on rear. Seems to absorb bumps much better than the tokicos illuminas but I didnt have suitable spring rates for them previously so it's a bit of a meaningless comparison. *baffled oilpan - custom stewart wilkins. * azc wilwoods 4 stud front, sigma 280mm rear disc conversion at rear. The wilwoods rub on the inside of the watanabes by the smallest of bees ****'s, but I am ru
  13. As of 3 weeks ago: triple 45 webers Wilwood brakes front Sigma rear disc brakes bilstein shocks baffled sump. Off to wakefield on thursday to see whether it was all worth it.
  14. Jim, I see your s20 and raise you an LZ16 http://page9.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/k29542080
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