'76 280z Part Out - Orlando, FL

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    I bought a 1976 280z that was in rough shape and way beyond my skillsets but used it as a parts car for a few items for my 240.

    The wife is complaining about having two Datsuns in the garage (as if you could have too many) so I want to part out the car as much as possible before it goes to the crusher.

    It has:

    • Complete L28- has not run and not sure of the condition outside of visuals. If you want specific engine parts, I can probably pull em for you (within reason lol).
    • All glass - windshield, rear hatch, side windows fixed and roller
    • All Interior trim- in surprisingly good condition- even the vinyl for things like trans tunnel and wheel hubs
    • Intact dashboard with gauges/vents/ etc - Dash needs a lot of work and is in rough shape. Will need a full cap or a lot of crack fixing.
    • Seats- will need to be recovered but springs and foam are OK
    • Differential
    • Tail Lights and exterior surround- pretty good shape, but will need a coat of paint from sun fading.
    • All suspension parts- usual surface rust.

    Spicy Edit:  I also have the front clip to a 240. It's *most of the assembly from the strut-tower forward. 

    It does NOT have:

    • Transmission or components
    • Exhaust components
    • Body panels- Florida car that sat outside so nothing is salvageable without practically building from scratch 

    I really want to keep as much from the scrap heap and give back to the community so no reasonable offer will be refused.  Hell- if you're interested in a part that's too rough of condition or it *might* work for what you need, I'll just give it to you if you want to cover shipping from Orlando.  If you're in the area, you can always swing by and grab what you want!

    PM me with any requests and I can snap some pics of what you're interested in/ send them back.


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    On 12/19/2018 at 12:01 AM, wheee! said:

    What’s the manufacture date on the door tag? Pre August or post?


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    Arrrgh! A twin to my 9/75! There are probably many pieces I could use. Do you have the carpet retainers for the drive and passenger side footwells? They hold the carpet against the firewall. I cold also use the speedo cable and hood release firewall grommets if they are in good shape.
    PM sent.

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