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vapor locking on 73 with 71 carbs PERCOLATION!


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38 minutes ago, Burl said:

I am close to Lake Austin Blvd and Enfield.  Heck both of those stations are a long way from me....

There are websites that can help you locate ethanol free gas. Do a search on Google

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not a big deal, I made that trip down and back for 25+ years, even before Parmer Ln was invented.  If that AC is working like it should the heat should not be a factor.?

If there are any Walmart Murphy stations being refurbed take a look.  The pump will have a blue plastic cover, kinda like they do AVgas which is also a good alternative if you are close to an airport.

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No, I think its like 88.  it does cost about 25c more.  My chainsaw, weedeater, and boat love it.  I wouldn't have thought that there would be enough demand but there it is.  It may be related to a recent EPA ruling giving some relief to refiners who didn't have a good  source of ethanol.  Problem is the corn states are lobbying hard to overturn.

Obviously AVGAS is primo stuff but may cost $4 or more.

My daughter went off to Japan for 2 years.  I dutifully drove her car up and down the block on a monthly basis.  What I did not realize was that the ethanol was absorbing water causing the tank to rust.  When she got back the fuel filter kept clogging until we replaced the fuel tank.  I wish I had access to no ethanol back then.

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