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    1972 Datsun 240z<br />
    2015 GMC Sierra regular cab Z71<br />
    2018 Porsche Macan S<br />
    <br />
    Other fun cars I have owned:<br />
    1966 Chevrolet Nova SS L79 4 speed (first car)<br />
    1971 MGB<br />
    1969 MGC<br />
    1966 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8<br />
    1960 Austin Healey Bugeye (Austin Healey Years Poster car)<br />
    1965 Austin Healey 3000 BJ8<br />
    1962 Austin Healey 3000 Tricarb<br />
    1996 Miata M edition<br />
    2001 Miata SE BRG<br />
    2003 Ford Mustang Mach I

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  1. Burl


    The journey is over! New car tomorrow. The z ran well. We had rain in Austin the past couple of weeks. The wipers are interesting!
  2. Burl


    Wife's car
  3. Burl


    Ha Ha You're right! It is interesting driving a 70s car to work and back. I'm old enough to remember driving 70s cars to work in the 70s and there are little things you forget about.
  4. Burl


    New Porsche Macan S should arrive in Houston on Friday
  5. Burl


    Sold my wife's car and waiting for the new one! Pressing the 240z into daily service. should be interesting.
  6. Burl

    Coolant temperature

    I have an infrared thermometer and checked the temp at the radiator and thermostat housing. Ran cooler with the new sensor and shroud.
  7. Burl

    Coolant temperature

    I replaced my sensor and that improved the accuracy of the temp gauge. I also installed a shroud around the original radiator and that has helped lower the operating temp.
  8. Burl


  9. Burl

    New KYB Rear Struts - Too Soft?

    Koni shocks rock!
  10. Burl

    1972 240Z at Mecum Auction

    This will be fun.
  11. Burl

    Bulbs 80/100

    Just order a headlight relay system Thanks.
  12. Burl

    Bulbs 80/100

    Would the 80/100 bulbs be ok in place of the 55/65? I need some more light with the Hella 7".
  13. Burl

    Koni Rebuild Service?

    Koni will rebuild them for you!
  14. Burl

    Trailer Hitch

    I have one I will sell you from 1972 that came on the car!

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