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  1. hls3073z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    What brand and color paint are you going to use?
  2. thanks, I should have googled. I didn't realize that they were that readily available. I expected a worse situation.
  3. After crawling around under the 73z I can see that the floor pans and the rails up to the firewall need to be replaced. The engine bay and firewall are ok but I need the stuff from the firewall to the rear. It is pocked with rusted out holes. The problem is that the an undercoat had been applied to the car when it was new and that provided a means to trap water leading to rust. So rather than cleaning up the engine bay and putting the motor and tranny back in I need to bite the bullet and replace the floor pan. Any recommendations where to get that stuff?
  4. Just because you checked the fuel pressure and it was ok doesn't mean that the regulator is good. The problem with the regulator is that the failure is intermittent so if you check fuel pressure when its running fine then its going to show its ok. This could be one of those times where its best to just replace it if you don't have a chance to check it when its actually failing. In my case when it stalled I was usually able to restart almost immediately but it slowly got worse until I was able to catch it failing.
  5. check your fuel pressure regulator. This is a very common problem. mine would fail after coming down off a fwy cruising, then I go to take off at a traffic light and it would stall. I was able to confirm it was the regulator because it failed in my driveway once, I got out and felt the fuel line and it was very soft compared to normal.
  6. It seems like most pix postings here are Mexican Orange, 918, including my 73. I wonder what percentage of Z's from the early 70's era were orange? maybe that color survived the best. So far I've found that ppg deltron has that color in their list. Any others?
  7. hls3073z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    oh, sorry, my bad. I thought it had both mechanical and electrical fuel pumps. I need to read and look more carefully.
  8. hls3073z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    I agree with you. I suspect that the z432 would run fine without the electric fuel pump running. They just wanted to be sure fuel pressure is adequate.
  9. hls3073z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    thanks, I wasn't paying attention to who was posting, I should have figured that out. The work that was done on my Z was done by Ed Kelly a local Austin Z car racer and guru but I was not disciplined enough to keep a logbook. My wife says its because I was not in the military. It will be interesting to find out if your electric fuel pump actually comes on. If the weather is not hot it would probably run fine without it like mine did. I do have a receipt that shows when the AC was installed. The brand on the knob says "Factory Air". lol
  10. hls3073z

    We're bringin' back the Flat Tops!

    Hi Jayhawk, are you saying that you have access to Nissan records so if I give you a s/n for my 73 you can tell me how/where it was installed? I don't remember how mine was electrically connected, but it never worked. I made it come on with the keyswitch but then would go off if I lost oil pressure so if I had an accident and the motor stopped it would stop pumping gas. Mine does not have any fuel line insulation. Was the insulation applied inside the engine bay?
  11. hls3073z

    what is the this stuff on panel below windshield

    That foam ended up causing me rust. It must have trapped water on the underside and eventually it rusted thru to the top layer. Admittedly it took 40 years but still it caused it.
  12. hls3073z

    Datsun-240z Vs Fairlady-z432

    An AC would make the problem worse. I was wondering what year they added those vents to the hood. A vented hood would certainly help the situation where you park it after driving and it sits there getting a hot soak.
  13. hls3073z

    what is the this stuff on panel below windshield

    I just installed some noise absorbant rubber material on the underside of our kitchen sink. If noise or rattle is the concern would that be something good to use. This sink was from Ikea.
  14. No, I think its like 88. it does cost about 25c more. My chainsaw, weedeater, and boat love it. I wouldn't have thought that there would be enough demand but there it is. It may be related to a recent EPA ruling giving some relief to refiners who didn't have a good source of ethanol. Problem is the corn states are lobbying hard to overturn. Obviously AVGAS is primo stuff but may cost $4 or more. My daughter went off to Japan for 2 years. I dutifully drove her car up and down the block on a monthly basis. What I did not realize was that the ethanol was absorbing water causing the tank to rust. When she got back the fuel filter kept clogging until we replaced the fuel tank. I wish I had access to no ethanol back then.
  15. hls3073z

    what is the this stuff on panel below windshield

    ok, here it is, up to the cloud, back down to the pc and then back up to another cloud. No cloud to cloud yet.

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