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DIY Home Built Vapor Blasting/ Honing Cabinet , wetblasting


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I use a high pressure cleaner.. with a special part on top that has a special nozzle and a hoze that suckes sand or glass or any ...   I do this on my drive, only need a plastic (big) sheet..  works very well..

If i used sand i let it dry and i can brush it all away after a few days.. haha..  Glass is also not difficult, a day and you can brush it together and filter and use again..







after a ground and silver paint..





4 on a row..

IMG-20140707-WA0001 (1).jpg


looks a mess but is easy to clean.. just a sheet of (garden)pond-rubber.. for not damaging the drive..  The bag of glass is behind the fence. not to get wet..  Very important that it stay's dry otherwise the sucktion stops..



The high pressure pump is around 130 bar.. but the nozzle hole of the sandblaster is bigger so i think the pressure is around 30-40 bar when it hits the surface of the alu- wheels.



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explanations by pic's.
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1 hour ago, dutchzcarguy said:

looks a mess but is easy to clean.. just a sheet of (garden)pond-rubber.. for not damaging the drive

It really does look like a mess.  I'm surprised that you've been able to clean the dirty stuff off the uncovered part of your drive without any residual staining.

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It's glass realy fine, and black.. after a day drying you can swipe it up and use again..   You see the driveway under those 4 wheels.??. that pic is made after the glass blasting.. no extra cleaning was neccessary 

What count's is the end result.. I use that machine only this way ones a year or so.. you can't have all the tools.. :mellow:

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I won’t do any steel stuff. 


I got got all the fittings in the mail. Should work awesome. I went quick marine disconnects partial because I had some laying around and they are cheap. I like the  fact that I can take the whole thing apart and put all the parts in the cabinet for storage. 



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I ended up using more of the water tight cord connectors, I also used a shower drain to make the vent pipe. Stock vent was just a aluminum cap with holes. This vent is just like vapor honing uses. 


Trying to dial in how much air to use. Might get to try tomorrow. I think I’m done for now. 






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