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I am nearing the too-many-years completion of my bare bones 240Z restoration.     There have been two donor cars involved, so I have quite a mash-up of parts, including two 14-inch hubcaps.  A photo is attached.

Can anyone tell me what series these are from?  Also,  would anyone have two more that they might be prepared to sell?  Or alternatively, would anyone be prepared to offer me copious amounts of cash for these two?

Many thanks,


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I'm not in the market to buy or sell right now. Someone on here should have some. Where is everybody???



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I was hoping my 6/71 didn’t coming with the “D” style hub caps. I pinged Carl Beck and this is what he told me:

“Yes, 06/71 would have had the "D" hub caps.  The "Z" hubcaps started 09/71 with the 1972 Model Year.  Nissan shows the 1972 Models as Starting at VIN HLS30 46000. (although several 72 Z's have been reported with VIN's as low as 43421).”


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