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R200 swap to 72 240


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Actually, what you want is an R200 insulator for a 280Z.  If you're installing an 86 300ZX R200 diff in your 72.  (Assuming that you have the mustache bar).

One option - https://www.nissanpartsdeal.com/parts/nissan-insulator-diff~55415-n4300.html

Part #16.  I don't know why there are so many revisions for the part.  Maybe because the early designs used weak rubber?  Who knows.


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Nissan stopped using the mustache bar in 1979, so whatever you got wouldn't be what we know as a "mustache" bar..  And the 1986 halfshafts are CV axles and won't fit your 72, bolt-wise or lengthwise (too long).  If you got the stub axles from the hubs I think that those are only usable with an adapter.  The 86 CV axles will still be too long.

So all that's really "swappable" from and 86 300ZX is the diff, with no axles inside.  You really need to find an old 280Z parts car to get what you need.  Unless you want to buy aftermarket.

Here's a pretty good old writeup.  It takes some reads and re-reads to really get a feel for what matters and how to do it.  In principle it's very simple,but there are a lot of things that look like they should fit, but don't.  http://www.zhome.com/ZCMnL/tech/R200.htm

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14 minutes ago, 7tooZ said:

Correction I guess I need the front differential case mount and a rear transverse link from a 280z.
Anyone have one.

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Don,  if you don't get the parts from one of the regular members here .... check with Ryan at Zcardepot  (  844-865-2473 ).   He has a number of parts cars and might have what you need.

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