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Here's a cool message posted to our mailing list by one of the members when I asked about rally racing:

Mike, because there are so many different types, saying you're interested in rallying is almost as wide open as saying you're interested in racing. It ranges from a small group of enthusiasts on a poker hand tour to the madness of the WRC. I'll try to briefly sort out those found in North America. Terminology may differ in your area. For more info go to SCCA.org

Gimmick rallies - usually pretty low key events, paved roads, relaxed speeds, easy navigation and non-critical timing. Often put on with a gimmick or theme. ie: Checkpoints at graveyards or apple orchards, maybe starting with a poker hand and drawing a new card at each checkpoint. or, answering a list of questions with the answers found along the route. No special equipment required.

TSD Tour Rallies - (time-speed-distance) 2 -12 hours long, legal speeds, mostly paved roads, easy navigation, milaged route instructions, timing more critical, classes based on experience. no special equipment required but top finishers will be using computers with an integrated odometer. Many Vintage Rallies run under this format. I'm guessing this might be what you're looking

for, or a good place to start.

TSD Trap Rallies - 2 - 6 hours long, legal speeds, paved or paved and unpaved, navigation more difficult, route instructions like a puzzle, critical timing. lower classes sun SOP (seat of pants), upper classes run computers. (I personally get frustrated and lost on these, however my older brother is fanatic of these events.)

Performance or Brisk TSDs - 3-12 hours long, brisk but legal speeds, paved and unpaved roads, easier navigation (sometimes with milaged tulip diagrams), most competitors run computers, some additional safety equipment may be required. these often run at night so additional lights could be handy.

Rallycross - in North America this is an autocross on an unpaved surface, gravel pits and dirt speedways are popular places to hold these. In our local events all runs are scored and winners have the lowest total time. A spin or a bunch of pylons on one run can really put you out of the running. Think of those cones as trees! Classes are based on prep, drivewheels (2 or 4) and engine displacement. Like autocross, an sa 95 helmet is required.

SCCA ClubRally - 4-8 hours legal speeds on transit sections, all-out speed on closed off stages, mostly unpaved, milaged tulip navigation. full safety prep (cages,harnesses, seats, suits etc.), beefed up suspensions, skid plates, classes based on prep, drivewheels (2 or 4) and engine displacement. Regional

points championship. A 240Z should be real competitive in Group 2 if it's well prepared and driven. I did one of these in a rented SAAB and gained a great deal of respect for those drivers at the top.

SCCA ProRally - 1-2 day events, The next step up, national pro series, 9 events, national points championship. Evos, WRXs and Team Libra Huyundai Tiburons rule supreme. SCCA is trying to make this a manufacturer showcase so, even though a 240Z is allowed in the rules, they'd rather see you in a more current ride.

WRC - (World Rally Championship) not in North America yet, we should have one here in the next 2-5 years. When it gets here I'll be there to watch. This is the best of the best. Homolgation rules for the WRC will keep the new Z out as cars competing for manufacturers championship must be available as a 4-door.

Mike (slow night at work) Winker

IZCC 7308

Z Owners of Minnesota

Comic/Ozzie Auto Sports Team

'70 240Z RSR (Race Street Rally - wannabe)

'93 Mitsubishi Diamante Wagon (Family Truckster Elegante')

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Can you give a rundown of the basic classes of roadroacing too? Autocross? What else is there you might do in a Z

Also, what does stuff like 'group 2' or 'group C' mean? I think they are classes in rally and road racing, respectively.


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Solo isn't rallying at all.

It requires a different thread to this one that Mike started, perhaps someone with Solo experiance can start a thread on it. [not exactely sure what Solo is, however a good guess would be a similar event to Autocross{OZ}].

Depending in which part of the world you live in event names may be known by other names.

Grouping is generally controlled by the rules laid out by the FIA, with member countries adopting their own "name" for a particular FIA category.



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