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Water in oil!!!


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Thanks for the reply.  I've had the engine 25 years, 20 years pretty much in storage.  Got it road worthy a year ago.  It overheated on a hot day a few weeks ago.  Today, I noticed steam coming from the valve cover vent and checked the oil.   It was milky brown when running.  I drained it.  Looked like watery oil.  Not much water to speak of, but some.  Its garaged, so I'm not sure that any water could come from an outside source.  It's such a big project to do the gasket, I was just wondering if there could be another source.  Like a leaky water pump or something easier.  Probably wishful thinking.

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I have used Cometics metal gaskets on a Chevy v-8. The main advantage I have seen is they are usually reuseable unlike traditional gaskets. Not a big deal if you aren't running a lot of compression or tearing down your motor all the time for "freshening"... 

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