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theft prevention


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 My son used one on his 81 RX7 after the fire, caused by a shorted map light hot wire. It's use at that time was to prevent another fire while it was sitting after repairs. After a few months of both fretting and confidence building, we took it off. It worked very well. I did notice that if it wasn't screwed down very tight there was a loss of voltage. As far as theft prevention, it's cheap and effective. Just take the green knob off. It can be defeated with a jumper cable though.

 To correct the memory loss in his stereo, we disconnected the radio power wire from the harness and ran a fused wire with a ring connector from the battery terminal to the radio hot wire. Pretty basic and quite ugly until it was secured and hidden with flexible loom covers. A new battery cable with an extra wire would have been a better option.

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Hi Guys,

I am one of the principals of www.geoskyalert.com we provide exactly what you are looking for with some additional benefits, this is a partial list: 

1) We provide an anti-theft recovery GPS tracking solution that runs on an App on your Apple or Android device that will allow you to look at where your vehicle is at any time

2) We monitor your battery, so if your battery drops below 10V for more than 10 seconds you will get notification via text or email

3) Our equipment features an internal backup battery that is rechargeable so even if power is disconnected from your vehicle you can still track it.

4) We provide history of where your vehicle has been so for teen drivers you can monitor where they have been

5) We also provide directions from where you are to your vehicle.

6) Our system has two additional trigger wires that can be tied into any electrical switch or a relay for direct notifications to your mobile device

7) We use Google Maps with street view and other features of google maps to quickly locate where your vehicle is

8) we update the location of your vehicle in real time.

9) Our solution works internationally, we do not see borders and will roam to most carriers. We have equipment in Europe and South America.  

We have been in business for 4 years doing Fleet tracking but built our own solution when we have friends losing their cars and trailers and so we built a solution.

We offer 3 different solutions depending on what type of vehicle they are being installed into.  Car, Motorcycle or Trailer.

Please feel free to contact me with more questions:

Ron Carter

760-295-3790 direct








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I'm no expert in the field, but I think the best system would employ theft deterrence, theft resistance, AND aid in recovery in the event that the deterrents and resistance didn't work.

Stickers and a flashing LED from Harbor Freight might provide a little deterrence, but won't provide any resistance.
Pulling the rotor provides theft resistance, but no deterrence since there is no prior indication that there is a theft resistant force in play.
Tracking and recovery aids are great, but are deployed later than desired. It would be best to keep the car from getting stolen in the first place.

Who's got that for a non-Ferrari price?

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Resistance is relative as a tow truck will not be phased by disabling the vehicle.

A deterrent is a good idea, but most alarms are ignored these days...flashing lights are just that.

we feel that the faster you have notification of someone attempting to steal or access your car the less likelihood that your car will be damaged. LoJack supports this claim indicating that if your vehicle is recovered within an hour of your car being stolen there is a less than 10% chance of there being damage to your car.

as for cost, we are very affordable, even more so when you look at the discount your insurance company will give you for having GPS tracking installed on your car.


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rc240z, Don't get me wrong... I wasn't poo-pooing your product in any way, nor was I talking to you specifically. I was talking about systems in general.
But you're right about "resistance" being relative is exactly why I used the phrase "theft resistance" instead of "theft proof". I do not believe there exists a system that is theft PROOF. The trick, however, is to make the car deterrent enough that does not become a target and resistant enough that it at least not is a successful target. And if all else fails, make it recoverable.
I think the perfect system goes something like this:
Make it deterrent enough that most threats are dismissed before they start.
Make it resistant enough that most threats which were not deterred are at least thwarted without success.
Make it trackable and recoverable such that threats which ARE successful can hopefully be reversed.
Some additional details that I think are important would be:
The deterrents should be non-ugly, non-intrusive, and low on the false alarm scale.
The resistance measures should attempt to minimize damage done to the vehicle as part of the theft process.
The tracking should be very surreptitious and difficult to defeat.
Haha! You can send my consulting fee checks for high level system design.   :)
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Captain Obvious- didn't get the impression you were having an issue with our product at all. 

We have designed our product to fit a specific niche, which it does very effectively.

I agree nothing is theft proof, we just want to improve your odds of recovery with minimal or no damage, which is what we do.

ps your check is in the mail ;-)

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Cool. Thanks for the check. And props to you in that you certainly seem to have a great handle on the tracking and recovery part. Paired with some deterrent and prevention, it would provide formidable coverage.

The deterrent thing, however, can be a double edged sword. You can't plaster "Protected by Geosky" stickers all over the car because part of the tracking and recovery process includes some secrecy. Even if it is a respected system amongst thieves, it is certainly easier to defeat if it's not a surprise. In fact, there was some mention of jamming devices earlier in this thread... I didn't look into the existence, but being an EE, I can attest to the plausibility. If someone is casing the car and knows it has a cell or satellite based transponder in it, it just makes it easier to disable.

Big dogs, a siren, a huge chain to an immovable object, a fuel and/or ignition disable, AND your device. They would have to really really want that car.

Other ideas?
Stink bombs.
Iron Maiden played at volume 11.
Taser built into the driver's seat. Remotely activated, of course.
That "YOU HAVE TWENTY SECONDS TO COMPLY" thing from Robocop...

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Captain, we believe that keeping a low profile is essential, so no decals from us. We advise against giving a thief any beneficial info, deterrent or no deterrent...


what at we provide is the best opportunity to get your property back if it is stolen.

because sometimes chains dogs and starter disables are not enough...

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  • 4 months later...

I just posted some info on a company I found on a more recent post, and then I got interested in the idea and did another search and found this thread. I was exploring the idea this winter (on my winter project list) but also heard about the failures of the low-cost devices, and so I think something that can survive on it's own for a bit if the car is picked up by a wrecker is a good option. As others have pointed out, it also has to be global in case the car is taken overseas or just disappears. I don't think this is a big issue in MN yet, but as these cars become more valuable, leaving them on the street is going to get more and more tempting for people who know they can sell them quickly for an easy profit. (I do have a cut-off switch hidden on mine, but it'll be easy for someone to get around if they simply tow the vehicle somewhere and dig for it.)

Also, I wonder how easy it is now to "launder" these cars. You can buy VIN plates, for example...or just make your own. I've got a 1971 Series 1 (by a month), and I'd like to keep it, but dogs are too much work. So, in addition to the suggestion by rc240z, I'm going to look into this company: http://pocketfinder.com/gpsvehicletracker/.

I'll probably try something this summer and post about how it goes. If anyone else tries something, it would be a great thread for those of us looking to protect what we have.

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A cursory glance at the other product you're looking at vs. GeoSky ALERT: it does not offer as good of tracking as we do, we update every 30 seconds or if your vehicle turns more than 3 degrees, they are every 60 seconds. Their unit has much smaller internal battery and does not have additional trigger inputs like our system has.

On the application side, it does not automatically configure Geo zones every time you park which ours does automatically, and does not notify you of a low battery either. AND it is more expensive.

Geosky provides historical information, a find me functionality, providing directions to your vehicle, and can be installed on multiple mobile devices. We include international coverage.

Geosky is also owned and operated by Datsun enthusiasts, I am one of the principals of the company.

feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

Ron C


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HI Ron

On the Geosky are there any plans for outputs as well as inputs. Also Is there any provision for the software to report what input is in use? I'm thinking it would be nice to know if it's under it's own power or on a flatbed. A remote output would allow me to pop the tail gate discreetly. Let the bastards choke to death on exhaust fumes:)  

This is for Mike. It might not be practical but it would be nice if security ideas could be posted anonymously. It's seems counter productive to post my security methods when it is pretty easy for some of us to be doxed.




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Hi Ron, I do see that the products are different, so it looks like I need to do some more research before trying one out.

The Pocketfinder version looks simpler to me, and a lot easier to hide in a vehicle. It just needs power. Plus, I liked the long battery life (it does say it sends an alert if the main power is disconnected), so Derek you if something has happened in your scenario. BTW, I didn't think the cost ($300) was that high, especially if it works like it says--who knows, maybe it would reduce my insurance even. 

Ron, I totally understand your preference for your own company's product, but have you personally tried these devices out on your vehicles? I'm sure we'd be interested to know what you think.

Derek--another good option is to fabricate up that ejection seat! ;-) 

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Dash cam and video upload would be nice.  I'm 99 percent sure that no one will break into my car and drive it away.  Car jacking or towing will be how it would happen. 

Would the ejection seat bother to pop the roof or just splat the driver. 

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Z boy mn

i am familiar with the pocketfinder product. 

Ease of installation: ours can be installed as a two wire (power and ground) install just like their solution. Ours probably easier to install as we provide a connectorized wiring harness solution.

We have twice the size of battery in our unit compared with what they offer. They make a pretty hefty claim how long their unit will last on battery power.

Both solutions will provide a discount on your insurance.

GeoSky ALERT does more for less $$$ we outperform the Pocketfinder with more features better monitoring and are $40 to $50 less than they are!

We offer an internal and external antenna option which will give you unlimited mounting solutions, theirs does not...our unit is the size of a credit card and about an inch thick so slightly larger than theirs but not by much. I don't think you can call that an advantage. Since they only provide an internal antenna your mounting options are limited and reception for GPS is critical, install it in the wrong location and you will have issues with notifications (lack of cellular connectivity) and or precise location (poor GPS connectivity).

Most of all, we have already SAVED a 240Z from being stolen, look on our website www.geosksyalert.com!

Derek, we do have the capability to have outputs driven by the Ap, but there are liability issues that are hard to work around. Speedy notification, with quick action to recover and catch the thieves is the best reward.



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Most Z cars are stolen by being broken into. It generally does not take much to break into one. Of course a tow truck is a potential issue.

Most thieves work in teams and are not frightened or even bothered by car alarms. Since they are accepted and ignored these days.


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I can see where it would be a problem with stock Z cars and their electronics. Fortunately for me that is all gone and replaced with modern stuff. It's much easier to integrate anti theft methods into those electronics. Hence my confidence. I've been looking at trackers for a while. Having input is an absolute must for me and I understand the liability aspects of giving the unit output as well. Output would allow me to activate a dash cam and upload the video of the police chase. The money I make on youtube hits of the chase will fund my next hair brained project.

You FAQ is a little ambiguous on the IO.  


Does our system provide two programmable early warning inputs/outputs?

So they are inputs only? 

If my car is stolen do I call the cops and give them the real time data from the phone? You say in the FAQ that police forces can track without special equipment.

When does the unit send speed data to Geosky. Only when it's outside the geo fence or all the time. 

Sorry for all the questions but I've been really hot for one of these for a while. It got really confusing with all the different ones out there.  I kind of gave up and then this thread popped up.

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Hi Derek,

Yes, two Inputs presently. Although our hardware has additional capability...

We provide speedy data once your vehicle is moved, before it exits the geozone.

A dash cam with a reasonable amount of storage on a recording loop would work too, activated if the ignition is triggered.

If your car is stolen, contacting the authorities and being able to tell them where your vehicle is, what speed it is traveling etc is key and the authorities like to catch these guys in the act! You can also forward your credentials to the authorities to download and log into your Ap so that they can track.

LoJack requires police cruisers with specific FM receivers to find and activate LoJack devices, furthermore they have to be within 20 miles to activate...we do not specify special hardware. 



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Derek, I had the same concerns about the FAQ. It also looks like they only have one product.

Ron, I am not being clear. I'm not looking for a sales pitch. What I wanted is information about what it's like to use a device like this from someone who has actually uses one. So, same question I asked earlier: have you personally used either of these devices (or another one like them)? Do you have them installed on your vehicle(s)? How long have you been running them? What has your experience been?

Finally, I just called my insurance guy, and I'd save about 5% per year on my comprehensive insurance with the device installed, but of course other policies could be different (mine is a regular policy through Travelers, not a collector's policy, and it's for agreed-value). So, in my case, the savings from insurance is pretty negligible.


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