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  1. Ive had about 10 or so of these and have never had a bad one. They're quartz and very reliable. Are you sure it's dead?
  2. hr369

    Please help.

    good deal, box looks to be in pretty good shape for the long journey it had
  3. hr369

    Please help.

    I don't have any plans yet on next time i'm going to japan. Not sure why buyee is block that auction. Car springs are not on the prohibited items list for japan. My wife uses these guys in osaka. Give them a try. EMS is cheapest. They have a service where you can have a bunch of things sent and they forward it to you in one big box. https://baggageforward.co.jp/en/shopping/index.html
  4. I've got another calendar clock and will convert to fit 240z if anyone is interested. $420
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    misc pics
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    From the album: misc

    PItwork oil filter. Found this in a box of parts from Japan
  7. hr369


    From the album: misc

  8. Wasn't me but easily could have been my wife in that passenger seat. With all the drunks and cell phone users out there its a very real possiblity
  9. This is an unpleasant subject not talked about very much for obvious reasons but nonetheless its something to pause and think about. I personally think the car did pretty good considering what happened to the z. Tboned @ 60 and he survived! "Well its going to be a good while before I can make any progress on the car or the thread. I was in a major car wreck about 5 weeks ago and unable to do anything with cars. My friend and I (friend driving) were t-boned at 60mph and rolled for 110 ft. My friend only got a srape on his forehead. I was not so lucky as the vehicle that hit us was on my side. I had my right lower leg broken and had a titanium rod put in. I alos have a fractured right ankle, left knee, 3 vertabrae, and right cheek bone. Possibly a couple fingers lol. I had to go to an ICU because my lungs reacted to the trama in a potentiolly fatal way and I couldn't get oxygen. I pulled thru that and just need my bones to heal and strength to come back. Until then the car, and thread have to sit. We were in a 77 280Z, and were hit by an S10 who ran a stop sign. Pretty much just saying this thread isn't dead but it won't be updated for a while"
  10. hr369


    Tuvalu, in the South Pacific, is an independent island nation within the British Commonwealth. They use the usd for currency. You can probably buy these online thru one of the coin dealers
  11. Gav240z has one on ebay thats rebuilt by Ron. How much is that going to cost me Gav to ship to the states if i win? ebay rally clock I might add that Eric's new oscillator fits in this box perfectly. Jewelry for your Z
  12. hr369

    datsun money Tuvalu

    Real money minted in Tuvalu
  13. hr369


    From the album: datsun money Tuvalu

    Real money minted in Tuvalu
  14. Finishing up the latest clock thats converted to fit 240z. Just gotta bolt on the 240z mount and power leads. These calendar clocks are getting really hard to find. Price for this clock is $420. All caps and transistor have been replaced I think i've just seen the highest price so far for an unrestored rally clock without an oscillator $636 usd. Yow! Some of the people here were bidding on it i know. Did anyone here put in the winning bid? Ron is now making oscillator box replica's for the oscillator i have. He says it will bolt right in. Not sure he's selling them outright but on his webpage he says "oscillator boxes coming soon" Very nice box Ron!
  15. You bid on this brand new set and it wouldn't let you? If that's the case then i don't know why. There shouldn't be any residual brake fluid inside. You can try buyee. Maybe they will let you bid. http://page17.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/v487963738
  16. I'm building another one of these if anyone is interested
  17. Probably rejected your bid because of the brake fluid. It's considered hazmat and cannot be shipped by air. I'm going over in june and can bring them back in a suitcase if they're impossible to find here.
  18. You're talking about grounding to the case? Pin 9 counting from left to right is a ground also. Check that solder joint on that pin too.
  19. Can you draw a diagram of what pins you tested and what voltage they were? How big of a variance was there compared to the schematic? I can check your voltages against those in my radio if it's not too difficult to get at.
  20. Can you draw a diagram of what pins you tested and what voltage they were? How big of a variance was there compared to the schematic? I can check your voltages against those in my radio if it's not too difficult to get at.
  21. Your wiring sounds correct on everything and no the cap on the volume is probably not the problem. Like I said, check the speaker balance. Yea i know that sound too simple but you can get really caught up in thinking it's other things and not realize the most obvious. If that's not it then i would start looking at the amplifier circuit.
  22. hr369

    1976 Clock

    Very nice conversion. Which car does that VDO come from?
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