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Matthew Abate

WTB Diesel Maxima Crank

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I went to school for economics and some people say it's ruined me for life..

If I paid myself $1.50/hr and built the motor myself it was going to cost me 3 years of agony and about eleventybillion dollars.  Unlike the ford/chevy/mopar ecosystem where you can just buy a bunch of parts and assemble them into a motor I knew this inline 6 was going to require some specialized skills and specialized experience that I did not have in my toolbox.  I have done plenty of work on other motors but i didn't see all of the effort toward acquiring these skills paying off in the long run since this is likely going to be my only 3.0 stroker Datsun mill; the point being theres a big difference between fixing/rebuilding and becoming a Datsun race motor expert.  Buying a motor gave me time to focus on other parts of the car like the clutch ignition and rear end.  In the end I have no regrets and a 3 liter motor that hauls arse.  Given your situation I recommend you go mostly stock on your own rebuild or pay a seasoned professional to do any custom work.  

There is more efficiency in paying the expert for specialized tasks.  See "specialization and trade" or "division of labor" in any econ textbook or the interwebs.

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