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C211 FSM ?

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A lot of manuals on that site, and painless download. The C210 manual there is for Skyline with L24 engine with single downdraft carb, maybe AU only. Didn't see any head designation numbers. Nothing on the L20et C211 engine with Y70 head, which is on various other cars besides Skylines.


I see they have the L20/L24 engine manual which is for 240z, among others. No publication date on it, strangely. I have 1972 L20/L24 manual which looks the same, have to check carefully, though; the 72 manual might be updated.

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I suspected that it was not exactly what you were looking for, but there is a lot of good info there.


I think that L20A/L24 engine manual was for 1970 as the  240Z FSM for the first year was only available as a two volume set with neither the engine or body/chassis book having the year on the front cover. The early FSM books did have an issue date on the back cover.


Good luck on your search.

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