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What do you think of the new 350 z?


Do you like Nissan's new 350 Z car?  

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  1. 1. Do you like Nissan's new 350 Z car?

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:confused: Looks can be deceiving, but I would have to make a dission of the look when I get to see one up close. Some pictures don't do justice to things. From this pic I don't like the round back end and tail light, but I could be wrong(just my two cents).:confused:
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Some people are just so superficial. Its not all about looks.

I can't say that I enjoyed looking at Porsche 911 in my younger days but I certainly enjoy them now. Porsche go through the same thing as the Z is going through now every time they release a new model. "What's going on with that new shape and is that a water radiator I see", were some of the immediate comments on the new 911 - 996 model.

I hope that Nissan are prepared to do more than just produce a nice sports car. I beleive they will have to put a serious effort in on the track as well. It would certaining be to their advantage, I believe, to produce a limited number of road going GT3 and GT2 verision suitable for Le Mans style racing. I was extemely disappointed to see the R391 withdrawn from the Le Mans event a couple of years ago. It was the last major 'international' event that I saw Nissan involved in motorsport. Actually I think the tail design they are using on the new Z is taken from the R391 development with high speed handling.

We can only hope that Nissan does not follow the same path as they did with the first run of Z cars ending with the overweight crusier, the 300ZX. There is a real oppourtunity to match the likes of Ferrari and Porsche here, with the styling and performance at a sensible price. At the moment I'm waiting until Lotus release the 250M, with its mid-mounted V6, before I decide on buying a new Z or not.

Lets hope Nissan get it right the second time and set a new standard in modern sports cars as Subaru did for the 4WD sport car market. At least people might stop asking me "What's a Datsun 240Z? Is that like a 200B?".

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I agree with your statement aaronraad "Some people are just so superficial. Its not all about looks." I being one of those peple.

Take for instence the 2002 Impreza WRX. It didn't look great to me at first, but it had the power that most people wanted out of an affordable car. In time I got over the looks after I test drove it. When I stepped into the car I didn't care what it looked like, I just loved how it feels when I drove it. Know call me stupid , but I can get over the looks after I see one in person and test drive one in the near future.

Given that the rear could be aerodinamically designed that way, but pictures like mike said "I like it. But, yes, a picture can be deceptive." And it is only my opinion from this picture and can change, but the looks wouldn't stop me from buying one.

And yes I do believe that Nissan might have a good candidate for a great affordable sports car. And do hope they get it right this time around.

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It sucks. WAY too big, and yes, it will be heavy, too. Fine for a ZX, but this was supposed to be a Z, dammit! All they had to do was build a Miata coupe with an inline 6, weighing maybe 2500 lb. and having about 250 hp. Smaller, lighter, cheaper is what I wanted. We got another overgrown beast, and this time it isn't even good-looking like the Z32 was.

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Do we have weight specs on this vehicle yet? I guess I'm trying to determine how people think this car is an overgrown beast. Some people say it looks like a heavy toad. Well, unless we have some weight comparisons, I'm still of the opinion that Nissan knew how to build it.

In fact, I wonder if it's lighter than the original (all steel) Zcar with even more horsepower.

Of course, I am speaking w/out the detailed specs. But, from what I can imagine, they wouldn't build another overpriced 300zx. This thing is supposed to be around $25k. That's the same price as a Camry or Honda family wagon.

Next up on my list would be the Volvo turbo sedan. But, for a two seater vehicle, it can't be beat. I hear that the designer used to work for Audi. Is this true? That explains why the design features are so close to the TT. Isn't the Audi TT around $40k? This looks like an affordable option in that case.


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I don't like it at all! I am searching for the words to explain why I don't..........in all fairness I don't care much for any of the new cars.......any brand. Many are plain ugly to my old eyes:)

They don't have the smooth lines that fit together as they used to

........case in point. I started out in the repair business with VW back in the bug days.........note for Mike, my first dealer was Merle Taylor VW in Albany, OR in 1966. Like the bug or not, the body was as one. The new beetle has lines that don't flow together, nothing belongs with the rest........ugly! Seems to be the trend now, all these weird looking (to me) vehicles.........something from star trek or mad max...........not sure from where:).............words from an oldtimer who still likes the older cars, especially the early Z's.

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I guess you haven't seen the pictures of Carl Beck standing next to the 350Z and a 240Z. The new car is enormous. I've seen weight numbers ranging from 3000 to 3200 lb. If you keep up with projected weight numbers for new cars, you know that they ALWAYS fall short of the vehicle's weight when it comes out. Figure 3200 MINIMUM. 240Z weighs more like 2300 lb, so don't bother hoping the 350Z will come out lighter, it won't even be in the same ballpark. All-steel doesn't mean heavy, and all-aluminum doesn't mean lightweight (NSX weighs over 3000 lb. these days, Ferrari 360 ~3200lb., BMW Z8 weighs ~3600!).

350Z price is projected to be around $30k, not 25. Count on $32.5k at least.

The designer is from Isuzu. He did the Vehicross. Still, he's not as bad as that TT guy, who also did the New Beetle and the New T-bird. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

The TT is certainly a more ridiculous oferring than the 350Z, it's basically a tarted up Golf with less space and more weight. What a stupid car. Front-drive architecture pawned off as a sports car. More like Audi's answer to the previous generation Mitsubishi Eclipse (an OK car, for what it was, but not by any stretch a $40k sports car).

For a two seat vehicle, in my book the new 350Z is beat by the Miata, the S2000, the Corvette, the Boxster, MR-2 Spyder, Z3 Coupe,...

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Any idea when we can expect some more details about the 350Z. Everyone seems especially interested in the weight factor and I agree. I was wondering what enthusiasts thought of the power to volume of the new engine (ie 190kW (250hp) to 3.5 litres). The engine sounds like its up for serious modification if thats the case. No way am I going to buy a Zed that revs out between 6000 and 7000 rpm in this modern age. Surely nissan would be able to produce something a little closer the 100hp per 1 litre of engine capacity. I don't like my chances of modfying the engine bay to make room for any form of forced induction.

It is a sports car so let it rev!

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