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New Here - From Portugal

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Hello everybody!

My name is Mário and I'm from Portugal.


I'm registered in many clubs and foruns, and I was registered here also, but my computer crashed and just a few hours ago I discover the forum and could register, so here I am!



I hope I can learn tons of stuff from our Z's and some other cars too, and also share with you my experience ans know how.

I'm the proud owner of a B110, 510 SSS and a 1971 S30.

I had restored back in 2006 the B110, a 100% restoration project that lasted 3 years, I think some of you might know the story, because I'm registered in tons of sites and clubs, and the B110 is now the most famous I got.

Then I bought the 510 SSS, my dream car, and still is one of my passions. It's a hell of a car...

And then in 2011 I bought my Fairlady. She's not all original as you will see by the photos, but soon, I hope, I will give her a 100% resto as I did to my B110.

Hope to have fun and help you!


My B110







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1971 510 SSS

I bought this one in 2009 because I needed a car to make some work...This one is completely original, and the extra it has is the radio, but I prefer that way to make some trips with company, the reason. This one was parked for 15 years, and was bought with original 53.000 km's...a rare thing. The only work I did was on mechanic, but normal parts, such as bearings, brakes, water tubes and some deep revision on the fluids.






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and finally my HLS30...1971

After a Datsun rally meeting here in Portugal, I saw 3 Fairladies...and then I decided...I have to have one...and in 2011 I bought myZ. 
The car is not original, it has the look of a 73, and even the center console is a 73. And that happened because on the 90's the previous owner crashed it, and the front had to be completely new. I assume that Datsun dealer here in Portugal didn't effort in a search for the original parts, and change the look of the car, and the center console was removes because the owner was searching for an upgrade. And even the colour, she was grey, but also blue, but a darker blue, because I think this colour appears on the 72/73 Z. 
I'm searching for parts and at the moment I have 90% of them, so, the resto will happen shortly, I hope.
She doesn't seem too bad, and even rust has spoiled her, as I live in a hot part of Portugal with not much humidity.
Despite the non original parts, I love to driver her and every weekend I spent a few time with her...and of course with my other 2 Datsun.








Hope you enjoy my Datsun's...

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I would love to see more detail pictures of your cars, so keep them coming.



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Hello everybody!

My name is Mário and I'm from Portugal.




Hi Mario, welcome to the club!  It's great to see other Datsun fans across the world.  Feel free to let me know if you have any questions about the club. 


Mike Gholson

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Welcome Mario.

Lots of good information and great people on this site. You have great taste in cars. :D

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On 4/30/2018 at 11:04 PM, 240260280 said:


I'll be in Portugal in a couple of weeks. Interested in meeting if you are in Lisbon area?


Sure! No problem! I live near the border, close the border! But we can manage a meeting! 


Ok for me!!! I'll show you some interesting cars in Portugal!


When are you travelling Portugal?

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