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S30 Seats?


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It was an era I was happy to leave behind, but now that it's long gone, I sort of miss it.  Maybe our new-to-us ZX will be a time capsule, and Betty will be our tour guide.  I know the seatbelt buzzer in my '78 had a Cold War era feel about it that was fun -- for a while -- until I pulled the connector.


James, I sent you a PM...

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^^^^ exactly what he said!  I'm thinking the Miata seats don't sound bad.


I went to a Z junk yard today to get a part for my '78 and ended up buying a 140mph ZX instrument cluster.  :)  So now I own part of a new-to-me ZX.  Now I just need to buy the rest of the car!  ;-)


I heard Betty too.  I like her voice.  :-)

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The junk yard has fallen on hard times -- lots of competition from the internet and a builder/developer trying to shut the operation down.  He had to crush a lot of Z bodies a while back, so he's very motivated to sell off inventory.  He let me have the instrument cluster for $50.  It's in OK condition -- good enough for transpant work.  I've seen that same cluster for $200 on ebay.  I don't know whether I got the deal of the century, but I was pleased enough with it.  I also found a very clean vent cowling (i.e. in front of the windshield) for my '78 and some spare ZX window glass  that he pushed very cheaply just to get rid of it ($50 for all the side windows).  I've never had a broken window before, but maybe I can help a fellow Z person down the road.  I spent $200 for all of it.

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I love my Miata seats in my S30, other than how I had to mount them so I'd fit (no slider).  I also added in speakers into the seats which help at highway speeds


Miata Seat Install



Miata Seat Speakers


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I'm currently selling the S30 seats out of my '73 240Z (I replaced them with S2000 seats). They're in need of new foam and recovering (unless you like the butterscotch velour!), but could provide a good starting point for someone who wants to retrofit earlier seats. The S30 seats can be seen in the following thread:


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