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    Hello Everibody.. I'm new here.. After more then 20 years being a member of the dutch zcarclub i'm now a member here!

    For more then 20 years hobbyed with the Datsun and Nissan Z-cars.. "have owned a lot of them"  serviced them and drove ém.. (240z 280zx and the 300zx z31 and z32 non and TT)


    I now have a part for sale..  A Slalom camshaft, partnr is on it saying: E1031   Lookt it up and it is probebly 99996-E1031


    On the packing it say's also: 475 lift / 275 duration.


    I think it a nice find for someone who likes to make a nice racer from his (or her's) S30?


    My question is what is it exactly and how rare?


    Thanks and... what a nice new website!!! 





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    I'm not finding an E1031…In the Nissan Motorsports Catalogs I see:

    99996-E1032 L9 SALOM Camshaft  490 lift and 290 degrees - 

    Reground on 109 degree lobe centers, requires 0.160" lash pads, retainers, competition valve springs and new rocker arms.


    99996-E1036 L7 RALLY Camshaft. 475 lift and 270 degrees - 

    eground on 109 degree lobe centers, requires 0.160" lash pads.


    I only checked four or five years for the Catalogs.. and there may have been very minor changes over the years. Nissan USA had local Cam Producers do the regrinds to Nissan's spec.'s - Thus the 99996 numbers.


    I've ran both the SALOM and RALLY regrinds in L24/L28's. For the street the RALLY cam gave a little more lower end power. you could feel it around 3000RPM.   The SALOM cam didn't seem to wake up until you passed 4500RPM then came on more suddenly.  Engines were running Nissan Flat Tops {euro spec with 2cc raised area} at about 9.5 to 9.8 compression. Triple Webers.. Ran with stock exhaust manifold and/or headers, didn't seem to matter.


    Oh - How Rare?  Not really, several current cam producers can duplicate it, or sell you something better.





    Carl B.

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    Thanks Carl for the info!


    That number 99996 i have it from internet.. On the cam rear end is E1031.  It's an Original Datsun part wrapt in DATSUN special paper and covered in a special oil packed in plastic.


    Maybe i can look it up on old microfiches.. I do have some Original nissan sets of fiches of the s30 for the fan.


    Think i keep the camshaft for future use..



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