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Another 1972 240Z for sale - West Point, AL


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I can't tell you for sure but it's not perfect so I'm hoping it's the original. The ONLY light not working is the dome light. Choke light, all dash lights, map light, exterior lights, rear defog light, help light in the engine bay also works and it has a new original am/fm radio that works too. Sounds like it only has 1 speaker though. 2 small cracks in the dash topside. Also has the original a/c system but the heater core is bypassed, not sure why, probably leaks. Long row to hoe but I'm ready to start hoeing! Oh and it has a Treasure Island, Florida sticker on the windshield from 1981 and a faded out Grateful Dead sticker on the hatch glass.

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I'll guess and say that is some of the a/c stuff. It says "A.R.A" at the top then a "TEMP" knob and a switch below that with "COOL" on top and "HEAT" on the bottom side of the switch. I'd like to find a wooden steering wheel and possibly wooden shift knob someday but the Momo wheel and the ZX shifter are a nice change from the 280's set up for now. I'm going to be taking a lot of before pictures on this car, didn't on the 280 and regret it now, and I'll put them on here for some more insight from those that know. Boy was I out of my comfort zone when I bought this one. Didn't know anything except what I had read on here over the past year. The F54 and E31 were a big selling point from the owner and I had no idea about anything other than N42s. I'm not a quick decision person, I have to think about stuff and then when I make up my mind it's usually too late. So maybe 2013's going to be my year! Thanks everybody. Oh yea, I found the fuse box. It's under the radio!

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