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Reproduction S30 parts NLA.......


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Maybe the fusable link holder.

You can get the covers, but the black plastic holder is no longer available. If fusable link spade terminals get corroded they get heat the terminal and melt part of the plastic (like mine).

The rubber insulators on the fuel/brake line under the car. I have not seen them in a long while.

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I have made the JDM taillight lenses for my 280Z. When I pulled the lenses apart to do the LED mod I decided to try to make a lens. Now thinking about changing to 240Z taillights.

After a lot of trying and improving I got the technique up to the quality I wanted. It was a long road getting there and almost the same cost as a set on ebay. Vacuum pump, heated pressure chamber for post curing and all the resins and dud moulds. I have not really thought about making more as yet.

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My original suggestion would have been the 240z series I fuse box cover, but that will only catch the attention of series I owners and is too year specific.

I agree with the series 1 fuse cover. Those are hard to come by, and even though they are year specific, they do cover roughly "half" of the years the 240z was produced. In fact I see more series 1 consoles for sale online, without the cover, than series 2 consoles. In fact reproducing the series 2 consoles would be great... I have problems finding one :)

All the rubber gaskets for the air cleaner housing---one (2 total needed) for the inner at the air filter, and one between the housing halves.

Not sexy reproductions to make, but no one offers them, and nearly everyone needs them sooner or later when they repaint or powdercoat the air cleaner.

That is exactly the reason why I have not had mine blasted to be repainted/powder coated! I can't find replacement rubber gaskets!

I also have a hard time finding the rubber strips for the door chrome belt moldings. I see the chrome strips at the junkyard, but all the rubber is dry and cracked, seems like a waste!

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So since these headlight covers were originally an aftermarket item, I guess proper fit and appearance would be the objective? There would be no need to conform to original design? Also, am guessing that I'd need to find the respective covers, the frames, and the respective headlight buckets in order to give the engineers something to work with. Would you happen to have any close-up pics of the frames (trim), Phil?

Hi Mike,

Here are photos of stock Z, gnose Z and other light covers to give your engineers some ideas










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Eurodat.....thanks for the info. If you are already working on Euro lens reproductions for the S30's, and intend to make them available for purchase by the Z community, I'll scratch those from my list. The intent behind the thread is to find targets that nobody else is currently reproducing......I think that the market is too small to have multiple suppliers for most of the parts.

Mike......the series 1 fuse box cover/ashtray is a great recommendation, as I had to pay for a small fortune to buy a nice used one off ebay. And that was 8 years ago.....I might not find one at all today. Do you know whether anyone is currently reproducing the entire series 1 console assembly (console, choke plate cover, fuse box cover, etc.)? It seems to me that if you put a new fuse box cover onto an older console, years of fading on the old console could make for some undesirable contrast with the new component parts. Just thinking aloud.

Phil, thanks sooooo much for the photos:) This will make the project much easier to visualize.

Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread.......please keep your thoughts coming!

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Hi Mike,

Like I said, Im still in the research phase of things. I Still have some test lenses in a bucket with a uv lamp to check if its long term uv stable. My pressure chamber is coming along ok, just tweaking the temperature and pressure control.

Originally its was my intention to produce one set, but to make extra lenses for others in the Z community wont be a problem. When the time comes, Ill start a post.

Looking at the headlight lens covers. Id be interested in a set. Always wanted them, but cant justify the $1200 plus for good condition and sometimes even slighlty damaged.


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post-24191-14150821914305_thumb.jpgTurn signal switch - not the whole assembly (was $300 at MSA a few years ago, now $500) but the actual switch - in a little plastic cover at the back of the switch. This is the part that burns out from current going through it. See fried one in the photo.

Also, rebuild kit for mechanical fuel pump, fuel tank....



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