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Recommendations for Racing Oil - Type, Weight


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Hi everyone;

Running an L28 in a Z car (1980 engine block, I believe) for road racing.

Any recommendations for type/weight of oil? I don't know what the previous owner ran in the car.

I'm considering going to Valvoline 20w/50, but I'd like your thoughts first. I'm also considering adding zinc if I can find it on the aftermarket. I believe the earlier cars preferred zinc and heavier oil weights.

I know oil debates are largely opinion based, but still, your opinions are welcomed. Thanks!

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You might also consider running a low oil pressure alarm on the track. I use one of these...


I substituted an 85dB siren for the light. If the oil pressure drops below 20psi on the track the alarm will sound. If I don't turn on my Accusump while on the track I get an alarm at every braking zone and hard corner. The alarm is the best $25 insurance policy I have ever purchased.


If you are going to road race an L6 I would think about an upgraded baffled pan or an Accusump. If you don't already have one. Just my $0.02.

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