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  1. For your consideration is a Holley carb conversion package with everything you need to run. Includes 240Z SU type intake manifold, 4 barrel conversion manifold, 1 Holley 390 cfrm in good condition with fresh rebuild, 1 spare Holley 390 carb of unknown condition (may need rebuild), linkage arm, and chrome air cleaner with filter. The 4 barrel conversion manifold is an odd beast for sure. Looks like it was made for a blow through turbo. It really drops the carb down low and has connections on the bottom for some kind of cooling (or heating?) system. Really interesting piece. I took this of
  2. We should be back at Mitty for 2013. It's a 8 hour tow for us but such a great event. My car is heavily modified, Tom's car is more stock. Bolt in cage, hot motor, big tires. I fixed the hood lift problem. Couple 280 vents installed mid hood eliminated the problem.
  3. Video I spliced together from the 2012 HSR Mitty Race at Road Atlanta. We had 4 Z cars mixing it up in this race. Enjoy. Clark
  4. Something with zinc! I run Redline 40w synthetic. The Brad Penn is good also.
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