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HEEEEELLLLLPPP!!!! car has no power


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The best way to do this is to get a meter and wiring diagram and trace the circuit. You can do this with a noid light, too, but I prefer actually having a meter to know what the voltage is.

If you need help, I live in Forsyth County. Send me a PM and have some cold Diet Mt. Dew on hand. (Yeah, I know. It's strange to hear a request for soda instead of beer, but I'm just strange that way and in many other ways.)

You can find a wiring diagram by going to the XenonS30 link in my signature and downloading the factory service manual.


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Well, we tracked down the problem with the car. The ammeter had given up the ghost. I put in a shunt for a temporary fix. The car won't be on the road anytime soon, so the ammeter can be replaced in the future.

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