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  1. 1970 240z hls3001300 Lots of recent upgrades, A solid Southern California car now in Milwaukee, WI. gm 1 wire alternator, upgraded fuse box, h4 headlights, center force dual friction clutch, aluminum flywheel, 5 speed out of a 79 280, bronze shifter bushings, new heater core, bead blasted heater box painted, Honda blower motor upgrade, schneider performance cam, 6-into-1 alumacoated header, custom ansa exhaust 4 row radiator, billet water pump, triple weber DCOE40MM, Mallory fuel pump, return type regulator, quick steer steering arm knuckles sway away strut bars front and rear, kyb struts, new rear axle u-joints, new brakes, new wheels, new tires Dunlop Direzza zII 205/50r16 225/50r16 4X 4" clarion speakers wired to center console brand new JVC cd player in box Runs and drives great. $22500.00 obo. hotroder502@hotmail.com 414-403-1687 Mike
  2. Did you have to get special lug nuts? Thanks Mike
  3. I found a used twin stack on ebay if anybody needs one. search ansa
  4. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  5. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  6. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  7. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  8. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  9. hotroder


    Ansa twin stack
  10. Ya I think beating it a bit would be just fine
  11. Well you stated it runs rough, I would do a compression test first, if you have a dead hole it will cause low vacuum causing high fuel pressure and a rich mixture, also check the valve adjustment tight valves cause low vacuum also, and check for vacuum leaks I'm sure you've already done this, what year is the car? does it have a converter? if so it could be plugged.
  12. thats not a filter. it's a pressure damper if anything
  13. I just put an oem new twin stack in the classifieds if anyone is interested.
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