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It?s still Cheaper Than The Real Thing: Platinum z432


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03-09-2010 01:19 PM

The 1970 Nissan z432 is a beguiling blend combination of the*twin cam S20 six (shared with the Hakosuka 2000GT-R) and sexy S30 Fairlady Z looks, making it a blue-chip Japanese collector car of the highest order.* And now Jeweler Ginza Tanaka has made a one-off replica of the Tomica z432 model in*platinum!**It’s 7cm long, weighs [...]


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I agree that it doesn't look right at all. Is that a huge steering wheel mounted in the center of the dash? The door looks horrible as do the headlight buckets and rear end. The box actually looks better. Apparently this was made for them by a jeweler so maybe it's the first time the jeweler ever tried to make a car model. I couldn't find any other pictures online. At 7cm (1:59 scale) I would expect better detail.

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Whoa there guys, I think some of you have got the wrong idea about this.....it's not meant to be an accurate scale model of the real thing, it's meant to be a replica of the Tomica toy. So if the Tomica had some lousy scale and huge door gaps, then the platinum one would have them as well.

Check out what a Tomica 240Z looks like.


What you need to compare this platinum model to, is a Tomica z432 made in 1970 :D

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Wow, thanks for the clarification. Instead of blaming the jeweler we can now blame whoever did such a bad job on the original toy. It appears that the jeweler indeed did a very good job matching that one.

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