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The SU Carb Central forums are sponsored by Ztherapy, Inc.



We at ZTherapy Inc. believe that a smooth running car is a happy car and we are dedicated to helping cars lead a long & happy life.

Our main love is Datsuns, including the 240Z, hence the name "ZTherapy". We have been involved with Datsuns for over 30 years. We now own over 35 Datsuns.

Who are "we"? "We" are the owner/operators of ZTherapy Inc., Steve Epperly and Pam Kirmeier, a pair of Datsun enthusiasts and active members of the Datsun community.

Steve does all of ZTherapys' in-house work. He has many years experience in the mechanical field, including welding, fabricating, and many other talents, and many years of hands-on Datsun experience and knowledge.

Pam does all of the final order processing, emails, etc.

There is also Bruce. If you phone ZTherapy Inc., this is who you will talk to.

As a company, ZTherapy Inc. is dedicated to providing the best product along with the highest level of customer service. We look forward to serving you!

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If you are looking to take care of a F*****y carburetor issue on your Z, I don't think you can find a better company to work on your Sus.

Steve is easy to work with, and seriously interested in doing his best work on every carb he touches and though Bruce obviously runs a little rich most of the time, he obviously has fun doing his part well.

I had a set of three screws rebuilt, had the balance tube welded up and polished, and even had a little custom work done, all of it was the highest quality, and followed up with great service.

Don't waste your time or energy, exchange your carbs, or the bodies, or use the rebuild service!


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