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Is it just me or did you think the Steelers were handed the superbowl.


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I mean I can say that the Seahawks did make some bonehead time management calls, but really come on.

Talking about the first touchdown made by the Steeles. As far as I could see, because I recorded the game on the DVR, the Steelers QB never made the touchdown.

I agree it was close and hard to call so Ill give that one to them.

The biggest I believe was the holding on Seattle, then the call on Hasselbeck after, anyone could clearly see he was tackling the guy.

QB's going for a tackle can hit low.

But lets look how it was handed to the Steelers

Locklear holding call when Stevens caught the ball on the 2

Pushing call in the end zone when Ward does the same thing and get's the touch down.

Low block call on Hasselbeck when it was clearly a tackle.

I think it will be a long time before we see Levy Umpire another game. F-ing idiot.

Really though even John Madden said, where was the holding at? you can call holding on every play, but even John was bewildered.

Its the refs giving the game to the other team, Ive seen it before and if you look back at a few superbowls, you will see it.

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The zebras definitely seemed to have it in for the 'Hawks, but even so, I'm not sure that it would have made a difference. Might have been a bit closer at the end, but probably still would have gone to the Steelers.

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That was the second football game I watched this season and I'm a recent transplant to Seattle who wants nothing more than to move away from this poophole, so I'm not heavily invested. But, you take away that questionable Steelers touchdown and give the Seahawks the TD where they were called on offensive pass interference, and the Seahawks won. There's gonna be some pissed off Seahawks fans tomorrow...

And OJ was guilty, and so was MJ, and the cops who beat up Rodney King, so hey, guess its time to move on... the world isn't always just.

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Agreed, I believe the Seahawks were robbed of at least two touchdowns. Especially the one that went through all the reviews. Where the hell were those refs from anyway? One of my buddies lost 200 bucks on that game. Luckily I don't bet on games......

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I bet it was Steven Jobs who bought out the refs....or maybe it was Bill Gate's idea of a Joke! LOL

No doubt about it, the refs blew it. It was definitely a good game though, sadly the BLATANT errors by the "dumb"-pires (I know, wrong sport) threw it into the Hall of Shame.


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I didn't care much for the officiating either, and maybe it would have made a difference. I also agree the SHawks made some strange time management decisions. Just hope we don't have to wait another 30 years before the SeaPuppies get another chance.

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Ah, yes, BUT;

The REALY important question is;

Did you enjoy the performance of Mick Jagger ????????????????????????


:devious: :devious:

No. I thought the Stones were weaker then the refs officiating. Commercials were pretty good, especially the Bud commercials. I also loved the Toyota Truck add where the truck is getting washed around in the ocean then lands straight up and the guy gets in and drives away.


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No... The Seahawks handed it over to the Steelers after the first quarter. Even after they did...the Seahawks still had control of their own fate.

Not one of the more artistic Super Bowls ever played.

Gee, I can't wait ...just 2 more months til Baseball season starts.

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The 'Stones didn't sound crisp, you could barely hear the drums, Ron Wood's guitar work was kind of sloppy, and Mick sounded like a man in his 50s trying to do what he did in his 20s. Believe me, I know that feeling. As for the game, well no matter what you thought of the offficiating, that's just part of the game. You either win becuse of that or despite it. I really doubt that if Big Ben was ruled down by the review, that the Steelers wouldn't have scored anyway. Just a short 'bus' trip. They won, they're the champs and soon no one will really remember the 'bad calls'. You really can't say that the officials cost Seattle the game, they made some their own mistakes too. What were they doing at the end of the first half? For the most part, the Steelers took advantage of their opportunities, and the Seahawks didn't.

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