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hey all you aussies !!!


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My wife and I are thinking about moving back to the great land of OZ and I was wondering if it is worth my bringing back my 77 280 with me or can I find a z pretty cheap still down there. I have to admit, when I lived there I did not look at z cars .. mostly women .. but that is another story.

If these cars are worth quite abit these I would look into importing it.

Thanks guys ... Cheers Ü

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How much would it cost to import?

Zeds are a bit thin on the ground and finding a good one cheap will be a mission.

Wouldnt be too difficult to convert to RHD with parts from a 260z, but the law these days dont require you to convert them. Theres plenty of LHD american cars on the road these days.

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For $4k US to transport, plus the sale of the car, I'd sell it and try and find one here. There aren't loads around the place but if you contact a club and keep your ear to the ground I'm sure you'll find a good one eventually.

Where abouts in aus are you headed?


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From the figures I have seen there were less than 2000 240's, less than a 1000 260 2 seaters and about 3000 260 2+2's. That was in a time when the total Australian car market was about 500K annual sales, it is now almost 1M in 2005.


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A couple of LHD 280Z have been imported for motorsport purposes, there is one for sale on the Gold Coast right now. There is not much of a market for them though. Also there is an age limit on LHD cars that can be driven on the roads here, under the limit and thay have to be converted to RHD.

Two seat 280ZX and Z31 were never officially imported here so there could be a small market for them, maybe the solid top version would be more sought after. I've been trying to get a two seat solid top 280ZX for months.

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I left BC a week ago, and I understand why you would want to move back. LOL

Nice place to snowboard though. Just not too sure about the 8:30 sun rises and the 4:30 sunsets.

Add $7-800 to the import dollars for the Aussie customs clearance too.

Save the import price and add it to the money from selling yours and buy one here. They are probably a little cheaper here conpared to over there, considering the exchange rate and all that.

Cars have to be 30 years old to register LHD too, so a 1976 is good, but any newer and you will have to wait a year or so or convert it.

Keep your stick on the ice, and remember, we're all pulling gor you.

(sorry, but I've been watching Red Green in Canada. Haven't seen it back home for a year or two now LOL)

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G'Day Bruce,

According to Datsun/Nissan Z Cars, by Ewan Kennedy and Sam Snape, a book in the Marque Classic Series, the number of units sold in Australia were;

240Z = 2500 units

260Z = 4431 units (this figure would, I expect, include the 2+2)

280ZX = 3559 units

Hope these figures are of some help, (assuming they are correct).


:devious: :devious:

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