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  1. I have had this sitting in the shed for a long time. I couldn't sell it on ebay for $1, so I'll give it to anyone who wants to come pick it up. I really don't want to just throw it out. I'm on the Gold Coast and can be reached on 0414 339594 Cheers Scott
  2. You either have to cut the drum backing plates, or pull the stub axle. Depends on what type of brackets you have whether you can get away with leaving the stub axles in place. Search on here, and in hybridz and you should turn up what you are after.
  3. I got a mini Z (matchbox) Doesn't look stock though, with huge rims and front spoiler and a few other bits. NRFP!
  4. http://www.rs-watanabe.co.jp/index2.htm One of the buttons down the bottom is "Matching" Look up 240zG on the Nissan list and it has the sizing for 15 and 16 inch wheels. Should be able to work out the 17 inch requirements F : R 16-85 -6  R : Rタイプ 16-90 -13 Mg色 114.3/4 F : 225/45-16 R : 245/50-16
  5. I'm selling a set of 5 rims with 'Z' centrecaps and all the nuts you need, plus a few extras. Some with bald tyres, some without. $150 firm. Also, a set of 4 35mm bolt on spacers and longer wheel studs to fit Silvia rims to the Z. I ran a pair on the front for a year with no problems. Never put them on the rear because I needed to fit the longer wheel studs and it's a little harder on the rear. So 2 are un-used. $200 firm. There is a pic in my gallery of my (old) Z with silvia rims on the front. Help me clear out my garage!! I need the room. Located on the Gold Coast Scott 0414 339594
  6. Find an amp that can be birdged to around 1x400w RMS at a 2 ohm load, then you can run both subs (assumed to be 4 ohm) in parallel. The other option is to by an amp that will give 2x300w RMS at 4 ohms and run a sub per channel. At that power you are probably looking closer to 4 gauge power wire. And don't forget, run RCA's up one side of the car and Power lines up the other. Any amp should have a cross over built in. A lot of headunits have them built in too. I can cut the treble from the subs and the bass from the rest of the speakers from the headunit, and adjust the sub gain level and it;s not even a high end headunit. Enjoy it!!
  7. I had the same thing. The bushing was too wide, so I cut it down until it fit. Ended up very tight and snug = no movement.
  8. It's used in drifting a bit. One thing to note is it may help to dab the brakes lightly to get more weight on the front wheels to help with the turn. ie to combat under steer. Someone put the nice new Ford turbo 6 demo car into the wall at Queensland raceway. He turned to the left a little, then when he whipped it back to the right for the corner, it kept going straight......into a wall.
  9. Just for the record. Running a 235 wide tyre on 0 offset rims will just rub on the guards. Lipping the guards fixes this. Running the same tyres on a 12.5mm offset will only just comfortably clear the spring perch on the rear and barely fits the front (so close that I wouldn't run them) so in my experience, if you aren't running coilovers and don't want flares, aim for a +5mm to +7mm offset in the rim.
  10. Seems the closest thing to the old 240Z available today is the 180SX. RWD hatch, ~1200kg, 2L turbo for poke, and quite cheap all up. Add the custon 240Z front to one and there you go.
  11. You can't go wront with rims in the right offset. Both the Z crowd and the Ae86 guys will love anything with low offset. Especially if it says 'Watanabe' on the casting.
  12. Not as much a toad, but... Paint it green and call it kermit. Actially, with the rounder front and round lights, the front is very 911.
  13. Use that as a guide, but still rely on the dipstick.
  14. I had a problem with petrol in the oil. Pulled the mech. fuel pump and found a hole on the diaphram. Let the fuel leak straight into the sump. Didn't really notice until one day I parked on a hill and the contents of the fuel tank made it's way into my engine overnight. Filled all the cylinders and everything. Didn't really want to kick over that morning for some reason.
  15. Yes, unfortunately sarcasm and tone of voice doesn't transfer well accross the internet. The thing I don't like it the text that has appeared at the top of the screen a few times telling me I haven't posted for a while and I should respond to a post. I have been on here for a while now, but haven't had too much to say. It's like asking members to spam it up with a pointless post, the thing I really hate. But this site is pretty good in regards to that. Probably due to the lack of 12 yearolds talking it up big. Keep it up guys. All good work!! (hey, where did the thumbs up smiley go?)
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