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Which job is better???


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Ok, I've seen all these really nice modified Z's and original Z's. So my question is which one is better? Go modified and you get more tourque and all those other goodies, but go original and you have and sleek, smooth car not as fast but smooth! So tell me what you think. Which one ........ chose wisely!:devious: :devious: :devious:

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Ok, I've seen all these really nice modified Z's and original Z's. So my question is which one is better? ...So tell me what you think. Which one ........ chose wisely!:devious: :devious: :devious:

IMO, it all depends on how you get to work on it, whether you looked to buy it or you fell in love at first sight...the car has something that immediately grabs you...whether you see the possibilities for modification or the perfection in it's factory look, you were drawn to the vehicle and bought it.


If you find that you DRIVE the car often, you end up wanting response from the car, as that is how you mostly see the car....from the inside.

If you don't drive it as often, you tend to LOOK at the car more, and view it proportionately MORE from the outside.

In either case you start tweeking this and that, whether it's new spark plug wires because the car will run better or the correct Series I Ash Tray /Fuse Cover with riveted handle because the molded in handle isn't ~correct~. You start "perfecting" it to YOUR taste. Sometimes you start by cleaning up and replacing those items that are gone....and the car seems to .... suddenly drive better.... things that never worked before start to flicker into sporadic life and sometimes causing problems. Then it accelerates, and you find yourself making changes to the changes that you are hoping to receive the parts for, day after tomorrow. And the simple fix the cigar lighter / engine bay light becomes.......

But you ask anyone and there's a surprisingly large number of guys who will say..."I've got the parts in case I ever want to put it back to the way it was.....".

So is it the destination or the journey?


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The destination. My obsessive personality has caused me to put all of my time and effort into fixing up and replacing stuff so quickly that I am running out of stuff to do. I guess it's a good problem to have but for me, when all that is left is to drive it and enjoy it, half the fun is gone. That must be how people keep buying new ones to fix up........

Then again - I suspect this is the path into even deeper obsession with every detail and nuance of perfection. It gets worse when you start going to car shows and seeing people with frame off restorations that cost $30,000. That really makes you want to polish and replace every screw and wire.....

Anyway......my .02

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I like the idea of keeping it as stock as possible, but make it perform a little better. My 70 Z looks totally stock (and I have all the stock parts) but I upped the power with a bigger engine (2.8 l),and a 5 speed. If I ever sell the car, I will put all the stock parts back into it. For now I have a fun car with a lot of power.

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As noted by others it's a personal decision. When finished, my goal is for mine to look period correct for the early '70s - vintage 14" mags, front spook, otherwise stock. But mechanically anything that makes it work well is OK - L28, ZX dizzy and alternator, plus whatever else seems right to me.

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I agree with Enrique. and in light of not being able to deside, I am going the route of Zrush by way of gogriz91, Two cars, one in bone stock form as a fairweather only car(not quite a trailer queen-but not a daily driver), and one modified into quick daily driver. They will look almost exactly the same outside! A Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde sort of thing. The only way for the untrained eye to know which one I will be in is to get in with me, or wait until I punch it! Now I just have to choose a stock color that works for both...

I think it is the whole thing, the journey to the destination, and I mean to enjoy the ride!


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