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  1. People have to much time on their hands....
  2. look in the wheel wells and under the battery tray too.
  3. ya mine had quite a few rust holes in floor as well..
  4. Ya I know I havnet been on here in awhile totally forgot about the amount of info here, thanks.
  5. Has anybody put a holley on a Z with the manifold that is sold from Motorsport? any good or bad experiences with it? I'm just wondering looking into it and i'm kind of interested. thx Ian.
  6. :):) Coming back home with a 3 way valve job, hot tanked, and new rods!!
  7. Hey Chris where is Tres Ritos, I live in Espanola. We have our lil Z Family here I have the 280, my bro has the 260 (which he is selling to whoever wants it) and my sis in law has the 240. Look around the Espanola area there are many Z's I know of 4 in a 10 mile range.
  8. There is a gas station here in town that sells 101, is there any other gas station like that where you guys are at??
  9. Ya there is a big difference in weight.
  10. Jeeze you haven't even started tearing it apart and it looks better than what mine did when I first got it.
  11. I think I take the youngest Z owner award again, 14 years old and living here in dry wasteland New Mexico.... at least there is no moisture for rust........
  12. I think is car is pretty enough to be my background on my desktop! great car.
  13. Ya I'd like to know more about them.
  14. It kind of depends on what the elevation is where your living though.
  15. Very clean car, but just in my opinion I've always thought that the body kits for Z's look kind of funky. But that's just me. Is that a aluminum radiator shining through the grill?
  16. I just bought a set of piston rings, I am having my engine bored etc and the machinist ordered them the brand is "perfect circle" piston rings.
  17. aw man if I was you i would try to sell something else first besides the Z.
  18. My half sister's step dad is the worst driver in the world, he eats, talks on his phone, reads his mail, and drives at the same time................
  19. Hey Galaxybj, Moriarity is down by Albuquerque right?
  20. On my brother's parts car, the sway bars front and rear are about 3/4 of a inch thick, maybe even an inch, their huge!
  21. Jeese you guys really have talked about everything huh?
  22. I just started thinking about how much money I have spent for my car:classic: , even though it's a lot and many people would ask me why I spend that much money on my car I am not scared by the amount, I would and will spend way more money for my Z. So I'll start this off I don't know how much I have spent on my Z exactly but I would have to say about $2,000.00. How much have you spent on your Z?
  23. agemeansnothing


    You can also buy forged pistons from Motorsport but their expensive. Also look on ebay once in a while, I just bought 40' over forged pistons of ebay.
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