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Luggage Straps


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Dang this is your third or fourth post, you really are needy. J/K. The metal parts of the straps are about the cheapest things I've ever seen. I think Datsun could have done a lot better. They didn't even put chrome on them. Maybe you can buy nylon strapping and make some. There's no safety issue here, so I think homemade would work.

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Don't know how they compare to the '78, it's been a while since I've seen the later ones. But Bryan is right - the early ones have metal buckles that almost look galvanized. Really poor looking. If the later cars have chrome buckles, that's one more part on my car that won't be original.

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The hardware for the early straps is different because the early cars didn't have tool bins in the rear deck. Straps are on eBay from time to time and shouldn't go for more than $20. Be sure you get the plastic belt loops. The hardware is plated silver zinc - same as the door strikers.

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